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Baking stone reviews selecting one

Baking stones are centuries old. Hence, getting a pizza stone should not be difficult. Thus in this baking stone reviews section we will take a look at another great product.

Ideally, when getting a pizza making tool, you want to narrow down your search depending on the criteria’s that you are looking at for your particular needs.

Therefore, try to familiarize yourselves with as much information as possible in regards to pizza stones.

Whether you are new to baking tools, or a veteran, we strongly suggest you read our pizza stone 101:

You are bound to pick up some useful tips that will make your decision easier.

Nevertheless we believe that this baking stone reviews will tackle a lot if not all the concerns of the average inquiry on baking tools. Let’s take a look!

Ultra conductive pizza stone

The conductive pizza making tool by “The original baking steel” is an excellent choice for anybody who wants a durable pizza stone for heavy use.

Produced by “The original baking steel” you are guaranteed to have a very good product. Baking steel was founded thanks to their love for pizza.

They are under the believe that the best tool to make pizza is steel, as it is indeed true that steel is a more conductive surface for cooking pizza than some brick oven models.

Besides stones, they also offer classes and recipes. Hence, you can be absolutely certain that this baking tool was done with the intention of making great pizza! 


  • Pre-seasoned with Baking steel’s proprietary oil
  • Can be used for both oven and grills
  • American made
  • plus
    Made out of baking steel


  • A bit expensive


You are going to love the fact that it has very nice rounded corners. Particularly, a stylish matte finish.

Because of this finish, this baking tool does a much better job than others at holding seasoned oil.

However, please note that like most models, you have to make sure you clean it after every use.

This is crucial, especially if you will be using ingredients such as flour on it.

Additionally, make sure you do not try to clean it immediately after use. You want to make sure you the baking tool is completely cooled down.

More importantly, keep in mind that because it is a metal baking plate, there might be a short learning curve if you are new to baking tools. 

Or even if you are new to metal pizza ones. That being said, it should not deter you from getting this product as the learning curve time is minimal.

Additionally, before you place your pizza onto the baking tool, make sure you preheat your pizza stone accordingly.

Specifically, place your pizza baking tool inside the oven before beginning to preheat it, so that it heats up at the same time as the oven.

On the other hand, you can also use it on grills, so you are not limited to just ovens.

Moreover, because it is metal it is important that the product is seasoned accordingly.

However, you will be pleased to know that this model is pre-seasoned. Therefore you can use it immediately after purchase.

Another nifty feature you’ll love is that you can use it as a cold plate after freezing it. How many baking stone reviews have you read that allow you to do that?

Specifications and dimensions

The dimensions of this conductive pizza making tool are 14 x 16 x 0.25 inches. And, has a weight of 15 pounds. Which, is of course made of steel.

Thanks to its conductive design, it can store up to 18 times more energy than any typical pizza making product.

Thus, you can make your dishes a lot faster and use a lower temperature.

In addition, this product is made in the US, so you don’t have to worry about being sent something made out of cheap Chinese material.

Variety is also tackled with this model, at the appropriate price changes you can get this baking steel pizza stone in different sizes.

It is no wonder that it is Amazon’s choice for baking steel.

Please note that you might notice that the steel might get a little darker after a few uses, but that will not affect the matte finish.

This is a wonderful pizza stone when you consider that the steel design helps eliminate a crucial problem.

Which is that some ovens do not heat up enough to get the product to the appropriate temperature for the perfect crispy crust.

Additionally, because it is made of metal, you eliminate the risk of “thermal shock” which all stoneware is subject to.

Without a doubt this is one of the better options in baking stone reviews. And you should take a serious look at this model, regardless of your particular house needs. 

Baking stone reviews final thoughts

Whether you are cooking for large groups, or you plan on cooking for small gatherings, this baking tool should be at the top of your list.

It is made of very durable material, and above all it is very conductive. Thus you’ll have even retention and distribution for all your pizza adventures.

Furthermore, it gives you versatility in that you can use it not only in the oven but also on a grill.

A trademark of a lot of pizza stones(being able to use it on a gas or grill), but one that does not help you combat the proverbial fear of thermal shock to which all stoneware are subject to.

With this product, you do not have to worry about thermal shock. It is definitely a keeper of a pizza stone. 

Regardless, if you are still a bit unsure about the fit of this product for your needs, then also read our pizza stone guide. 

In it, you will find what we consider to be the best pizza stones currently available.

We believe in conjunction with this post, you’ll be able to make a decision. We hope this helps, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. 

And, make sure to take a look at our reviews section for more interesting reads.

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