The Best BBQ Pizza Stone

Best bbq pizza stone

​For those looking for the best bbq pizza stone available, look no further than the Webber 8836 Gourmet pizza stone.

Made of cordierite material, it is designed to for crispy thin crust pies.

The Webber 8836 comes with carrying racks allowing an easy transportation of the pie.

This is handy when you consider the price of the product, and that most inexpensive baking tools come without handles.

Keep reading for a detailed review of the Webber 8836 Gourmet Pizza Stone.

best bbq pizza stone

What makes the product the best bbq pizza stone?

Not only can you make pies on this tool but also naan breads, garlic dough balls, garlic breads, and desserts. Mainly, to compliment your pies. 

Furthermore, you have the distinction of not having to always do it on a grill. You can take it off the handles and use the product in a normal oven.

In addition, you only need the lid off for less  than 10 minutes. Which points to another benefit of the Webber 8836.

The fact that putting a baking stone over direct heat will get it 100 degrees hotter than whatever it's being shown on the lid of the respective oven or grill.

This highlights the point that you do not need to preheat this particular product in order to get a delicious pie quickly.

Although preheating the product will still give you a magnificent taste.

The Webber 8836 is also very easy to maintain clean. As long as you remember to brush, clean, and rinse with water and avoid using soap.

When prepping to make your pie, it is best to always put flour on your tool before you start cooking your pie.

Otherwise you risk the pie sticking to the tool, which you want to avoid as much as possible.


  • Shipping weight:  6.75 pounds
  • Item weight: 9 pounds
  • Carton Dimensions: 16.3"H x 4.4"W x 15.8"D
  • Out of carton dimensions:  2"H x 13.2"W x 16.7"D
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 14 x 4 inches
  • Grill & Oven Suitable
  • Color: Stainless steel

  • What are Weber products?

    Known by their full name Weber-Stephen products LLC, was originally incorporated in 1893 as Weber Bros. Metal Work.

    In 1951 an original kettle grill was built by a then part owner of the company(George Stephen Sr). 

    Shortly after, he began selling it, and received quite a large demand for the product. He called the product "George's barbecue kettle".

    Towards the end of the 1950's, George bought out the factory owned by the Weber brothers and became the sole owner changing the name to Webers-Stephens products Co due to the overwhelming success of the same.

    What's the design?

    Let us now look at the design of this marvelous product.

    Size shape and thickness

    Firstly, before buying the Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ Pizza stone,make sure to measure your oven.

    You want to make sure that your baking tool fits before making the purchase. With dimensions that measure 14 x 14 x 4 inches, The weber 8836  should fit most standard sized ovens.

    But nevertheless make sure to get the dimensions of your oven to be safe.

    Weighting 9 pounds, you will find that the Weber 8836 does not deviate too far from other baking tool products. Therefore, it should not deter you from buying it.

    There is a common misconception that this product weighs more because it comes with carrying racks. However, this is not true.

    Because it weighs what you would expect, the Weber 8836 reinforces the idea of best bbq pizza stone.

    It allows clients to conveniently go from oven to grill and vice versa without much of a hassle.

    Insider's thoughts on the Weber BBQ pizza stone

    Users love the Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone because of the flexibility it provides them with.

    More importantly, they like the ability to cook a pie within minutes. And, use the tool to make other edibles other than pies.  

    These facts make the Weber 8836 the undisputed best BBQ pizza stone in the market.


    • Fits most ovens
    • Versatile(can use either on grill or oven)
    • Affordable
    • Racks for easy transportation


    • Cannot wash with soap
    • Crust sticks to the stone if pre-flour not applied correctly
    • Does not come with instructions
    • For use with Gourmet BBQ System charcoal grate
    Best bbq pizza stone

    Buyer's advice

    Thanks to positive customer reviews ,the Weber 8836 Gourmet bbq system pizza Weber 8836 Gourmet bbq system pizza stone is a product that will instantly elevate your pie baking capabilities to the top of the game.

    Making the distinction between top notch restaurants focusing on pies and your own home made meals much more difficult.

    Amazon offers the product at what we consider a bargain price for baking tools, and will surely turn(immediately) what we already consider the best bbq pizza stone into one of your most used baking stones.

    Nevertheless, if you are still having doubts, then take a look at our best pizza stone guide.

    This is specially true for those who understand the value of a crusty pizza and how to make the same.

    Our verdict

    Adding this baking tool for those experienced baking tool users is a must, as well as those who are just beginning.

    But, already understand the basics of using a pizza stone to bake at home in their over or on the grill.

    Keep in mind that the use of this  baking tool will give you a more crusty pie. Which is not always the goal for pie makers.

    While it is true that the Weber 8836 does not come with any sort of instruction manual, it should not deter anybody from purchasing the tool itself.

    There are an abundance of reviews on Amazon(and others) on how to use the Weber 8836.

    I would recommend the Weber 8836 bbq pizza stone to anybody who is serious about pie making.

    And is looking to add variety to their pie making skills at a very affordable price.

    ​Our Rating

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