Weber 8836 gourmet system review, the best BBQ pizza stone

For anyone that is looking for the best bbq pizza stone available on the market, look no further than the Weber 8836 Gourmet pizza stone.

Made from cordierite stone, this product is designed with the intention to create crispy thin crust pizzas.

The product also comes with a carrying rack that allows easy transportation of your delicious creation from the grill to the table.

This is handy when you consider the price of the product, and that most inexpensive baking tools come without handles.

Keep reading for a detailed review of the Webber 8836 Gourmet Pizza Stone and see if it is, indeed the best BBQ Pizza Stone out there.

What makes the Weber 8836 Gourmet Pizza Stone the best?

The Weber Gourmet Pizza Stone is not only for creating mouth-watering pizzas. But you can also make a wide variety of goodies.

With the pizza stone, you can make savory partners like naan bread, tortillas, and garlic bread. As well as sweet treats like pies, cookies, and tarts.

As part of the Weber Gourmet BBQ System, this 14-inch wonder fits perfectly on the Weber Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate.

However, rest assured that using the product on a regular grill grate will still yield surprising results.

The product can also be a great helper in getting your grill hot faster and keeping it that way.

Because of its heat-absorbing properties, placing the baking stone over your grill’s direct heat gives an additional 100 degrees to the temperature.

This allows for faster cooking and better, more delicious dishes. With the extra heat from the product, you only need the grill’s lid off for less than 10 minutes.

Several Weber Gourmet BBQ System reviews attest to this feature. The feature highlights a fantastic point that you don’t need to preheat this product to get a delicious dish.

Preheating the product, on the other hand, will still give you a great finish to your food items.

Furthermore, the product does not limit you regarding cooking. Since it has a removable chrome rack, you can take it off at any time and use the product in your oven as well, not locking you to the grill at all times.

As for clean-up, the Webber 8836 is also very easy to clean and to maintain. As long as you remember to brush, clean, and rinse with water after using, your pizza stone will be ready for your next use.

Soap should be kept away from the product. As it is not needed for cleaning, and soap residue may affect the taste of your dishes.

Also, make sure that the product has cooled down significantly before washing with water to avoid breaking.

You can also return it on your grill or oven after use to maintain its temperature.

Protip: According to a Weber Pizza Stone review, have some flour or cornmeal handy when preparing to make your recipe.

It is best to dust some flour or cornmeal on the stone before you start cooking. Otherwise, you risk the food item sticking to the tool, something that you want to avoid as much as possible.

Placing a piece of paper between the stone and the dish can also be a good alternative for this trick.

Product Specifications

  • Shipping weight: 6.75 pounds
  • Item weight: 9 pounds
  • Carton Dimensions: 16.3″H x 4.4″W x 15.8″D
  • Out of carton dimensions: 2″H x 13.2″W x 16.7″D
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 14 x 4 inches
  • Grill & Oven Suitable
  • Color: Stainless steel

What are Weber products?

Known by their full name Weber-Stephen Products LLC, the company was initially incorporated in 1893 as Weber Bros.

Metal Work. In 1951, an original kettle grill was built by George Stephen Sr., a then part owner of the company.

Shortly after, he began selling the rack and received quite a significant demand for the product. He then called the outcome “George’s barbecue kettle.”

Towards the end of the 1950’s, George bought out the factory owned by the Weber brothers and became the sole owner.

He changed the name to Webers-Stephens Products Co, due to the overwhelming success of the said brand.

What’s with the design?

Let us now look at the design and features of this marvelous product.

Size, shape, and thickness

Make sure to check your oven’s size before buying the Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ Pizza Stone.

Ranging around 14 inches, this pizza stone should fit most standard-sized ovens, though it never hurts to check.

One of the possible concerns regarding this item is how heavy it is. Weighing at 9 pounds, you will find that the product does not deviate too far from other baking tools.

There is also a common misconception that the product weighs more because it comes with carrying racks.

However, this is not true, as the carrying rack is not only durable enough to carry the stone and deal with the heat, but also very light.

It allows its users to conveniently go from oven to grill and vice versa without much of a hassle.

Insider’s thoughts on the Weber gourmet  pizza stone

Users love the Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone because of the flexibility it provides them.

More importantly, they like the ability to cook pizzas within minutes. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the pizza stone can also be used for a wide range of dishes.

These facts make the Weber Gourmet Pizza Stone the undisputed best BBQ pizza stone in the market.


  • Fits most ovens. The 14-inch diameter of this pizza stone gives good room for cooking your food items while matching most family and industrial furnaces and grills.
  • Versatile. Whether cooking outside on a grill or baking in an indoor oven, the Weber pizza stone can handle the heat and produce great dishes every single time.
  • Affordable. With its given price point, the product comes as a great deal for anyone who wants to level up their cooking game.
  • Racks for easy transportation. The carry racks that come with this gourmet pizza stone from Weber are durable and can handle the heat from the stone. This makes it easy to move from the grill to the table.


  • Cannot wash with soap. As with most pizza stones on the market, soap is not its best friend. The absorbent material of the product may take in some of that soap and could affect the pizza’s outcome.
  • Crust sticks to the stone if pre-flour not applied correctly. Another common concern with the product is the tendency of pizzas or other items cooked on the stone to stick. With proper preparation though, this can be avoided.
  • Does not come with instructions. Some reviews for the Weber Gourmet Pizza Stone mention that the product did not come with guidance. While this may be a deal breaker for some, a quick browse through Weber Pizza Stone Reviews online could provide the information needed to use the product correctly.
  • For use with Gourmet BBQ System charcoal grate. According to some Weber Gourmet BBQ System reviews, the product is made with the set in mind. Using the product on a regular grill or oven will do, though best results will come if used with the Gourmet BBQ System of Weber.

Buyer’s advice

Thanks to positive Weber pizza stone reviews, the Weber 8836 Gourmet bbq system pizza stone is a product that will significantly help elevate your pie baking capabilities to the top of the game.

With the product, making the distinction between top-notch restaurants focusing on pies and your homemade meals will be much more difficult.

Amazon offers the product at what we consider a bargain price for this kind of baking tool.

Its price point, along with the quality and the brand, will inevitably turn what we already feel the best bbq pizza stone into one of your most used baking stones.

Nevertheless, if you are still having doubts, then take a look at our best pizza stone guide.

The product will be a desirable option for those who understand the value of having a light and thin crust for your creations, and how to make the same.

The Final Verdict

Having this baking tool added to the arsenal for those experienced bakers or cooks, as well as those who are just beginning in the craft.

However, having a good understanding of how to use and maintain such item will be beneficial.

This will make sure that you can maximize the use and enjoyment of the item. Keep in mind that the use of this baking tool will give you a more crusty pie, which is not always the goal for pie makers.

For its quality, functionality and price point, the product can be considered one of the best BBQ pizza stone in its category.

While it is true that the product does not come with any instruction manual, it should not stop anybody from purchasing the tool itself.

There is an abundance of reviews on Amazon, as well as other websites, on how to use the Weber Gourmet Pizza Stone.

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