best rated pizza stone

Best rated pizza stone

It is undeniable that there are plenty of baking stones on the market. However, you want to make sure you are looking at the best rated pizza stone options at all times.

Therefore, today we will continue our series of reviews by taking a look at another great baking stone. In fact, one of the best rated pizza stone at that.

When buying a baking tool it is very important that you know as many details as possible not only about baking stones, but about what your personal use of the tool will be.

Therefore it is very important that you read up on pizza stones as much as possible. 

Best rated pizza stone: Crustina baking stone Rectangular

The Crustina rectangular baking tool is one of the best rated pizza stone options on the market according to client’s who have been using it thoroughly.

It comes with a ton of features that will allow you to have the utmost versatility.

It is undeniable that baking tools have been around for a long time, in order to help ovens reach higher temperatures. And this Crustina baking product, is no different!


  • It is very good at absorbing moisture
  • Great at heat retention
  • Bigger cooking surface when compared to other models
  • plus
    Versatility allows you to use it in both oven and grill
  • plus
    Includes recipe book


  • Can break easily so handle with care


Firstly, we love the versatility this baking tool offers. While the main purpose of your tool is probably to make pizzas, it is always great if you can make other things as well.

This product allows you to make other pastries such as cookies, or bread, and even vegetables to add to your ditches.

Moreover, not only can you use this baking tool on an oven, but also on grills and BBQ’s.

Thus, giving you the possibility of cooking inside your home or outside in nicer warm weather.

On the other hand, the properties of this model make it extremely absorbent.

Hence, you do not have to worry about moisture absorption while having your model within the oven.

It will absorb the majority of the moisture on both oven and grill. Therefore, you can get a crispy finish on whatever you are making, particularly your pizza crust!

Similarly, you’ll love that this Crustina baking tool is great at heat retention, which is crucial in any dish making recipe.

Namely, you’ll have even heat distribution throughout your cooking process. Similarly, to what you want in a restaurant.

That being said, you should be able to cook for large groups of people and not have to worry about the quality of your final product.

It is one of the best rated pizza stone by both beginners and experts alike. 

Specifications and dimensions

The dimensions of this Crustina baking model are 16 x 14 x 0.9 inches, with a weight of 9 pounds.

More importantly, thanks to its rectangular shape, you have more cooking area than you would with a round baking model. Therefore, you can make bigger pies.

Additionally, it has a universal fit, meaning you should be able to use this model without a problem in all standard ovens and grills.

A lot of models have a basic problem in that bigger models do not fit the standard oven, thus Crustina’s rectangular design is perfect to solve that issue.

Especially relevant for all buyers, is the fact that it includes an E-book full of recipes.

This is particularly important for those who are either beginners with baking tools, or just not very good at cooking in general.

Among these recipes, you fill pizza recipes, desserts, a pizza dough recipe and even a tomato sauce recipe.

Basically, you will be prepared to immediately start using your product.

And, while it is true that there are baking tools that are a bit less fragile, accidents can be avoided by just being a bit more careful.

Specifically, make sure to never wash your stone with soap. Remember that the stone is specifically designed to absorb moisture.

Thus, if you decide to wash it with soap, you risk the product absorbing the soap and leaving your stone with a soapy taste. 

You want to simply use a brush or a dry towel to get rid of any excess food. Furthermore, always store it in your oven if possible.

Additionally, if make sure you always put the model in the oven cold and then bring it up to whatever temperature you want.

Putting in the product after the oven is burning hot can ruin your stone. Similarly, wait for the oven to cool down before taking the stone out.

Once your pizza is ready simply scoop it up with a pizza peel or whatever tool you use, and leave the baking tool in the warm oven until it cools. 

Final thoughts on top rated pizza stone options

Without a doubt the Crustina baking tool is a great option not only for beginners but also for season veterans.

While it is true that you have to be extra careful in the handling of the product, this should be true of any product that you have.

The fact that you can use this model to make other things besides pizza is extremely useful and makes this product quite versatile.

Furthermore, it includes a very complete and thorough recipe book that should help you out in the long run, particularly if you are new to the pizza making world. 

It is clear to us why it is considered one of the best rated pizza stone options on the market.

With a rectangular shape, and more cooking space, you are set to accomplish any recipe you want

We hope this post helps make your decision easier. Nevertheless, you can also take a look at our best pizza stone guide.

Where were review what we consider to be the best baking stones on the market.

Finally, feel free to leave us any question or comment in the section below. 

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