Get the best wood fired pizza oven accessories on the market!

Wood fired pizza oven accessories

Making a pie in a classic wood fired oven is always the best way to go(as we detailed in our wood fired pizza oven post) as long as you have the best wood fired pizza oven accessories.

It results in an unrivalled taste and texture that just can’t be beat any other way. 

Normal ovens and delivery pies just can’t stand up to what a wood fired oven can accomplish. Now, the wood fired pizza oven is of course the biggest part of this whole equation, but it also doesn’t hurt to have some great accessories for it too.

Having the right accessories such as good pie cutter or a pie paddle can help make your life a whole lot easier.

Therefore, let’s take a look at what some of the best wood fired pizza oven accessories are and why you might be interested in them.

Wood fired pizza oven accessories

The Best Wood Fired pizza oven accessories

Mainly, when it comes to these fired baking ovens, there are a few accessories that you want to particularly keep an eye on.

Something like a nice pie cutter, a spatula paddle, or even some insulation for your oven are all ideal candidates.

However, it all depends on your preferences and kitchen needs.

Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at some of the best wood fired pizza oven accessories out there.

Mainly, the best pie cutter, wooden spatula paddle, and the best ceramic insulation are all accessories that we would highly recommend getting.

Culina Pizza Cutter 14″ Long, Wooden Handle

Cutting pie is made much easier, faster, and simpler when you have the right pizza cutter.

By the same token, you could go with one of those pie cutting wheels. 

But, those do have some problems. You will never really be able to make perfectly straight cuts with any of those. Thus, resulting in some lopsided slices. On the other hand, a full 14 inch long blade, like the one that comes on the Culina Pizza Cutter, will be able to cut a pie in half in one swoop.

Firstly, the blades are very sharp and made out of rust resistant steel. Additionally, the blades are also tapered in order to help improve their longevity.

Moreover, The handle on the Culina Pizza Cutter is ergonomically built and made of real walnut material, making it both comfortable and good looking. Also, it is quite durable. 

And, the thick rectangular shape of the handle allows you to easily cut pies in one motion. Finally, there is also the fact that you can use this pie cutter to cut herbs, fruits, nuts, and anything else.

In addition, when the Culina Pizza Cutter gets dirty, simply use hot water and soap to wash it down.

Also, when it comes to storage time, a knife magnet or kitchen drawer will both do just fine.

Pomodoro Charcuterie Board Pizza Spatula Paddle

Before you can start cutting your pie apart, you will have to be able to get it in and out of the wood fired oven.

Mainly, there is no better way to do that than with a nice wooden holding paddle. Notably, one of those things you see the pros doing on TV or in the restaurant.

Essentially, the Pomodoro Pizza Spatula Paddle is one the best wood fired pizza oven accessories you can get.

The Pomodoro Spatula Paddle is made 100% of all natural materials.

By the same token, the Acacia wood used in the construction of this paddle is very beautiful. 

Additionally, it is also very durable. More importantly, this is a great way to transfer all kinds of things to and from the oven while also keeping your hands safe from getting burnt. 

The material is thick enough and the handle is far enough away from the main part of the board. Hence, the heat never gets to your hands.

Besides this, the handle on the Pomodoro Pizza paddle is small and sleek to fit nicely in your hands.

However, the paddle itself is large enough for a 12 inch pie. Especially relevant, is the fact that you can also use for other dishes besides pies.

CeramaFiber Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation

Finally, this one is for the die hard wood fired pizza oven fans. Mainly, for the people who want to build one themselves.

This Ceramic Fiber Blanket insulation is the perfect way to insulate your very own wood fired pizza oven.

Notably, It has the ability to insulate ovens that reach up to 2,300 F or 1,260 C in temperature.

Meaning, that it is more than good enough for a wood fired pizza oven.

In fact, CeramaFiber Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation can also be used for insulation metal forges, kilns, furnaces, and much more. 

It is a very high quality insulation with a very high heat rating. It definitely will not burn, melt, or get ruined in a wood fired pizza oven.

Moreover, All you need to do is use a very sharp knife, like a carpet knife or utility, to cut the insulation to size. And, insert it into the wood fired pizza oven.

Either way, If you are tired of using excessive amounts of material and loosing way to much heat out of your wood fired pizza oven, you might seriously want to consider looking into getting a couple rolls of CeramaFiber Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation.

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As long as you are aware of the fact that a good wood fired pizza oven needs good accessories, you will be just fine.

Now, it is not to say you cannot make pies if you do not have any of the above accessories. But they can certainly help improve the experience.

A good paddle helps keep you from getting burnt and aids with putting the pie in the oven and taking it out.

While, a good long pie cutter helps make uniform slices with ease. And a good blanket of ceramic fiber insulation will help you save time and money.

These, are hands down the premium wood fired pizza oven accessories. Make sure to also check out our oven guide for more information on all oven related things:

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