Selecting a clay pizza stone for your needs

Clay pizza stone

There is just nothing better than a pizza that has been cooked on a real baking tool. Moreover, when that baking product is inside of a real wood fired pizza oven it’s even better, the same can be said of a clay pizza stone.

There is just something about that combination of a real baking tool with a wood fired oven that provides unmatched results.

Delivery services, frozen pies, and even normal oven baked pies just don’t stand up to a wood fired pie that was baked on a baking stone.

However, today we will look at a clay pizza stone and what options are out there for consumers.

There are a different kind of baking tools, as we’ve discussed heavily.

But, we want to talk about what methods to use in choosing a clay pizza stone.

Therefore, we have three great options for you to take a look at. Let’s get right to it and help make your pie experience that much better with the best clay pizza stone possible.

Clay pizza stone

Choosing Your Clay Pizza Stone

Let’s just quickly go over a few things that you need to keep in mind when choosing your clay baking stone.

Heat – The product you get needs to be able to withstand the heat you are going to put it in. Not all clay pizza stones have the same temperature tolerance, so you need to keep this in mind.Size – You also need to consider the size of the stone, both in terms of diameter or length and width and its thickness. Mainly, a thicker product type takes longer to finish the pie.

But, also provides for more uniform heat distribution. In terms of the size, you need to make sure it’s small enough to fit in your oven. However, it must be big enough to make what you want to make.Glazing – Glazing is quite important as well. An unglazed pizza stone will absorb some moisture and keep the pie nice and crispy.

But they are also less durable, harder to clean. And, they might take on odors and colors.

Different product type options

Especially relevant, a clay pizza stone is what most professionals would usually recommend.

Mainly, because they do tend to provide the best results. Moreso, they are great with heat distribution and for protecting the pie from direct heat.

Additionally, they are fairly inexpensive. But, also quite durable.

Furthermore, a clay pizza stone is usually hand crafted or machine made. Basically, the point being that clay stones are all hand made.

Therefore, they can come in many shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at what are some of the best clay pizza stones around right now.

Hartstone Pottery Cookie Sheet Baking tool

Firstly, it is made in the USA. The Hartstone Pottery Baking tool is hand crafted, not machine made, which always speaks to quality.

Moreover, it is made with 100% natural materials found in North America.

More importantly, It is made of fully vitrified stoneware clay and fired at 2,200 F to make it long lasting and durable.

Therefore, Hartstone Pottery Baking tool is ideal for ovens up to 500 F.

Which, is more than hot enough for any pie, or anything else that you might bake in any kind of oven.

Additionally, It is a 12 x 15 inch rectangular cookie tray and baking tool. Hence, it works well with most ovens and baking applications. 

Especially relevant, this particular option is microwave safe. Which, is something that you don’t hear all that often.

Moreover, the Hartstone Pottery Baking Stone is glazed to be non-absorbent of moisture and non-stick.

Consequently, your pizza won’t stick to this tool. In addition, the product will not absorb odors, colors. And, it does not scratch easily either.

MIC 12” Baking Stone

This is nothing more than a classic round 12 inch baking tool made of clay. It may not be really fancy or good looking, but it is extremely well priced.

Furthermore, it does its job just the way it is supposed to. The MIC baking tool is made with all natural ceramic clay and fired at very high temperatures.

Mainly, to make it strong, durable, and crack resistant when you are using it.

More importantly, It can withstand temperatures hot enough to cook any pie with ease.

Hence, the MIC baking tool is of an ideal thickness to retain and maintain a fairly stable heat level for perfectly cooked pies.

Also, The MIC product model is fairly easy to clean, another big bonus.

Moreover, it does a good job at protecting your pies from getting too hot too fast.

Namely, it distributes heat evenly. Which, means that your pizza crusts will always be crispy. But not burned. You can use this tool with conventional ovens and toaster ovens.

The smaller size of it makes it ideal for smaller ovens, which is something you might need to keep in mind.

Emile Henry Clay Flame Top Pizza Stone

Firstly, this is definitely the number one clay pizza stone out there. This is a rounded 14.5 inch flame top fired baking tool, making it ideal for some pretty big pies.

But, also small enough to fit in most conventional ovens.

One of the best parts about the Emile Henry Clay Flame Top baking tool is that it is made using a special French technique of proprietary flame technology.

Basically, the way in which the clay is fired means that it can easily withstand temperatures up to 750 F. Which, is hotter than any oven or BBQ can go.

And, it can definitely be used on the barbecue. Furthermore, It can also be used on charcoal grills and under the broiler.

Also, this particular product comes with handles to make carrying it easy. 

The Emile Henry Clay Flame Top baking tool is glazed, which makes it scratch, odor, and stain resistant.

Therefore, it makes it easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, this product is actually dishwasher safe. Whereas most other clay baking tools out there are not.

This product is also of a good thickness in terms of heat distribution. Which provide you with evenly cooked pies and perfectly crispy crusts.

Final thoughts

While any of these 3 options will work for you. We strongly recommend that you go with the The Emile Henry Clay Flame Top baking tool.

It is hands down the best option. And, comes from a strong brand in Emily Henry.

Made with a special french technique, there is really nothing to debate. We hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to check out some of our other reviews here!

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