options available for a good pizza stone

Good pizza stone

Finding a good pizza stone is key in your journey to make great pizza. Today we will continue our series of reviews by taking a look at some options available.

As we like to constantly point out, getting the best baking tool on the market is a generally easy process that can be complicated by some factors.

Mainly, there are so many manufacturers and models of good pizza stone options that can impede your decision making process.

How do you know which ones to buy?

In the end, it really depends on your particular situation and needs. Just like there are different baking tools, there are also different necessities in everybody’s household.

If you are just starting out in your journey to make pizza, then we suggest you read our pizza stone 101 and our stone buying guide as well. 

Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision possible.

And, that begins by making sure you know everything you need to know. Let’s take a look at what a good pizza stone looks like.

Good pizza stone

Winner:  Pizzacraft PC9899 20 x 13.5 Rectangular ThermaBond Baking Stone for Oven or Grill

This is by far our recommendation to buy if you are looking for a good option.

Quite frankly, this is a great baking tool! Pizzacraft has been known to deliver amazing stones and ovens in the pizza industry.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with this manufacturer.

Moreover, this baking product has been on Amazon’s #1 best seller in pizza grilling stones. And for good reason.

Whether you are on your first model, or looking to replace your current one, this is an excellent choice.  You won't be buying another baking tool again for quite some time.

In fact, Pizzacraft is so bullish about their PC9899 model, that they offer a full  refund or replacement of the stone if you are not satisfied.  Let's see why.


Firstly, this baking model is very versatile. Namely, you can cook not only pizza on it, but other things such as pastries, breads, and other goods as well.  

With this product, you'll be able to make perfectly gold brown crusts.

Additionally, while cooking, this product will eliminate hot spots for you.

The idea behind this is to feel like you are baking goods as if you were using a restaurant baking oven. 

To improve on their usual great versatile products, Pizzacraft made sure that this model is perfect not only for heating pizzas, but for reheating made pizzas and to make frozen pizzas.  

On the other hand, you don't have to season this particular model.

The product is made with Pizzacraft's proprietary Thermabond technology.

The purpose of this technology is to eliminate thermal shock breakage, and distribute heat evenly. 

Similarly, this model's technology makes it great for heat retention, and durability.

Whether you are using it on the oven or grill, you are bound to have some consistency. 

The model is made completely out of all natural FD-safe materials. Making sure you are making the best quality pizzas possible.  

More specifically, it is made out cordierite, which is a great sign for a baking stone. Cordierite is a mineral that also helps strengthen thermal shock resistance.

It is relevant to note, that users have claimed that the model gives off an odor.

However, this is just a first time use ocurrence, that will not repeat itself. More importantly, it is non toxic.  

Especially relevant, is the fact that this particular model can withstand temperatures of at least 900 F degrees.


The Pizzacraft PC9899 has dimensions of 20 x 13.5 x 0.7 inches, with a weight of  10.9 pounds and a shipping weight of 13.75 pounds.

The measurements were updated in 2015 in order to satisfy customer  feedback about fitting in standard ovens.  

Mainly, the length was reduced by 2.5 inches.


  • Made out of FDA-safe material
  • Thermal Shock resistant thanks to Thermabond technology
  • Able to withstand temperatures of over 900 F


  • Can give off an odor the first time it is used

How to use and clean

Firstly, you want to make sure you preheat your oven to at least 500 F degrees.

Moreover, you want to place the product in the middle of your oven or grill.

Particularly for the grill you want to place it on for 30 minutes before beginning use, for best results. 

It is recommended that you dust the model with cornmeal before you place whatever you are going to  bake.

Additionally, depending on your recipe, make sure to remember that some items are better off being cooked with some form of foil between the stone and the item.

Nevertheless, we are strictly talking about pizza, feel free to place it directly on the model. 

Using a pizza peel, or gloves, place your pizza directly on the stone. 

To clean this perfectly good option make sure to scrape off any food with a spatula.

Once the model is no longer heated, place it under hot water and scrub it with some form of brush.  

Make sure you never use soap to wash it, as the model may absorb it and leave you with a soapy stone flavor the next time you use it.  

Because of the natural properties it is made of, the product will naturally darken with age. Therefore, don't try to get rid of this darkening.

Finally, air dry your good pizza stone and store it in the oven.

Final verdict

The Pizzacraft PC 9899 model has everything you want in a good pizza stone.

It is durable, easy to use, and comes with many features. Its ability to withstand over 900 F degrees is quite impressive. 

Furthermore, its Thermabond technology will ensure that not only do you have heat retention, but that your stone will last you a very long time. 

Furthermore, it's  100% refund or replacement guarantee makes sure you have nothing to worry about. In our minds this is a great stone.

Hence, if you are looking for a good option, look no further! 

We hope you enjoyed this post. Please make sure to take a look at our reviews section for other stone reviews such as this one.

Also, feel free to leave us any questions or comments in the section below.

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