Granite pizza stone

review option: Granite pizza stone

A granite pizza stone is an unorthodox option that has become quite popular all over the pizza making industry.

Thus, today we would love to review one of the best options currently available.There is an inherent believe that when it comes to baking tools you are limited on the types of baking stones you can get.However, that could not be further from the truth. Consider that we’ve gone over a ton of baking stones, from metal baking stones, to now a granite pizza stone.

And, you’ll quickly realize that there is always going to be room for more creativity.Namely, despite the fact that we know each person has their own specifications, you’ll have plenty of options no matter what you are looking for. 

Something, we constantly boast about in the pizza making world.A perfect example of that would be our buying guide, in which we go over what we believe are the best baking stones available. Nevertheless, if you are unsure about what you should be looking for in a baking tool, take a look at our baking stone 101 guide, to find out some useful tips.

With that being said, let’s take a look at one an amazing granite pizza stone option.

Emile Henry flame top granite stone

Without a doubt everybody who has some form of experience in the baking stone world has heard of Emile Henry. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they are once again producing one of the best granite baking tools available in the market.Emile Henry focuses on manufacturing of bakeware, tableware, and ovenware products. The company was founded in 1850! Hence, you can rest assured that they do not lack experience in producing high quality products.You can find anything  from recipes, to an online catalog available from them. They spend a lot of time on product development.

Thus, it comes to us as no surprise that all their products are microwave and oven safe.Additionally, all their products are food safe. That being said, it is safe to say that this granite baking stone is backed by a very strong brand.


  • Comes in different colors for style
  • Can be used not only on ovens but on different types of grills
  • You can cut directly on the product
  • plusGreat warranty against manufacturing defects


  • Quality control could be better as per some consumer remarks


Firstly, you want to take note that this granite baking stone is made using Emile Henry’s flame technology. Thus, it can withstand very high oven temperatures.Specifically, it can withstand all the way up to 900 degrees fahrenheit. Additionally, you can expect some very good crusts due to the glaze being what they call “micro glazed”.When using them in ovens, you can go either with a conventional oven(most likely what most people have at home) or a convection oven.

On the other hand, it can also be used under a broiler.

Moreover, when we talk about grills, you have the versatility of being able to use it on charcoal, gas, and even wood grills.

Thus, you’ll have a very versatile granite baking stone!Thanks to is handle, it is easy to carry around, something that is not always the case when it comes to baking stones in general. Especially relevant, is the fact it is dishwasher safe(as we mentioned earlier about all of Emily Henry products). It can also be hand washed on a day to day basis without problems. 

Specifications and dimensions

The dimensions of the product are 14.5 x 14.5 x 2.5 inches. While weighing 5.7 pounds, although the shipping weight is 8.65 pounds.The main color of course is granite for a stylish design.If you are still having doubts about this granite baking stone, then consider that it includes a 10 year warranty guarantee against manufacturing defects!

As long as you are using it in a household environment. Not many baking stones offer such an extensive warranty, no matter what type or brand.

More importantly, despite having such a warranty and built by such a strong baking stone brand, the model is only priced at 55 USD.

Which we believe is an absolute bargain.

Another important aspect that comes from having a glazed design is that it makes it quite easy to clean. So whether you put in a dishwasher or do it by hand, it will not take you long to have looking brand new.Furthermore, not only is it great for regular pizza recipes, but you can also make frozen pizzas on this product easily.Another interesting point of topic is that this baking stone is made in France! How many baking stones can you say the same of?Please note that you can also make bread on this. However, it is not for cooking steak or anything else. This Emile Henry product is hand’s down a very good granite pizza stone and you won’t regret purchasing!

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a great granite pizza stone that is backed by a reliable brand that won’t leave a hole in your pocket, then this is the baking tool for you. With such a great warranty, and sleek design, you will absolutely fall in love. More importantly, it is made with Emile Henry’s proprietary flame technology. Therefore, you are getting a very durable product that will give you results. Being able to withstand such high temperatures, as well as having a glazed design, is priceless.Therefore, we see no reason why you should not get your own. 

Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking for a very specific granite design, or a complete newbie, this Emile Henry product will get the job done.We hope this post helped you out. Nevertheless feel free to leave us any comments or questions on the section below. And, if you are still unsure if what you need is a granite pizza stone, then take a look at our baking stone buying guide. 

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