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Getting the best baking oven for your home can be an easy process if you know what to look for. Thus, today we will continue our home pizza oven reviews.

When looking at any home pizza oven reviews, you want to make sure they cover all the details that are key in getting a baking oven for your home.

Thus, it is important that you are very well informed as to what to look for in a baking oven. Which, we hope to help you with.

As we point out in or best baking oven guide, each individual has different needs that will define what type of baking oven they should buy. 

home pizza oven reviews

Home baking oven reviews: Pizzacraft Pronto outdoor baking tool PC6000

When we think about Pizzacraft, we immediately know we are talking about a high quality brand and producer.

They focus on anything and everything pizza. From baking stones, to racks, to accessories, to pizza peels, they have it all.

They are known for producing high quality products that won’t break the bank.

Thus, we are fairly confident that this PC6000 will cover all your home specifications. 


  • Very short preheating time needed
  • Recipe cooking time is very minimal
  • Very portable for any outdoor activity


  • Not the biggest of size


The first thing you want you take into consideration is its dual layer design.

It has a core that will diffuse heat and interlocks with your baking stone in order to make sure you have the even crusts that your recipe dictates.

In addition to what Pizzacraft calls “reflective heat shield” that will redirect the heat to the top of the pizza. Thus, your toppings will cook at the same rate as your crust.

Furthermore, you have a moisture vent, positioned at the top, that will make sure you have no sogginess in your dish by releasing moisture from cooking.

Similarly, you will love the fact that you can preheat this model in right about 10 minutes. 

Which is of course significantly less time than any tool you find in any home pizza ovens reviews.

More importantly, you can cook a pie in right around 5 minutes and immediately go on to the next one without any issue.

Think about the versatility that this grants you, the ability to make multiple pizzas in a span of 30 minutes(just to give you an example).

Speaking of versatility, you can take this anywhere, whether you are camping, tailgating, or whatever other outdoor activity you are planning, it is a great baking tool.

All this is besides the fact that you can of course use it home, for any regular night! How many baking models can you say grant you all that?

It is a great option among home pizza oven reviews.

Specifications and dimensions

The product dimensions of this Pizzacraft PC6000 are 18.6 x 18 x 15.5 inches, and has a weight of 26 pounds. Although, the shipping weight is 32.7 pounds.

Nevertheless, for a baking oven, 26 pounds is an extremely light product. On the other hand, you can easily reach cooking temperatures of 700 Fahrenheit.

These temperatures are on par with a lot of home ovens that are much larger.

That being said, let’s also mention that it runs on propane gas.
Thus, with a 1 pound propane tank you can easily run the model for 2 hours(just make sure you have an adapter to go along with it). 

This 1 pound propane tank is possible thanks to the pizzeria pronto rain cap that’s included.

Please note that this Pizzacraft product can only run on propane gas.

It is excellent for heavy use, meaning you can use it every day with absolutely no problem.

And, while some people may consider it a bit small for a baking oven, the small difference in size(honestly you should have a problem with the size) is more than compensated with the speed at which you can make pies.

Which, make sure you do not walk away when cooking your dishes as you risk overcooking the base.

Another important point to note that is that you should probably get a pizza peel in addition to this baking oven.

Although, this should not be much of a worry as there are plenty of good pizza peels at very affordable prices.

Finally, it is important to note that it includes two 14 inches baking stones. Furthermore, Pizzacraft suggests to not use a pizza steel above the baking stones.

And, if you plan on using a pizza peel, it should not be larger than 12.5 inches wide. 

Home baking oven reviews final thoughts

Without a doubt, this is one of the best home pizza ovens reviews you will find. Because this baking oven covers everything you would want in an product.

It can reach very high temperatures, easily reaching 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, it is extremely portable. Hence, you are not limited to home use.

How many baking ovens give you that? And, with 14 inch baking stones, you are essentially guaranteed to being able to make 14 inch pies.

While you may not be able to bake multiple pies at once, this is easily remedied when you consider that you can make 1 pie in as little as 5 minutes. 

Obviously, everybody has their own search criteria that is usually based on the design of the house and what you are looking to do.

But, we do not see how this baking oven is not versatile enough to cover any home needs that you may have.

Now, if you still feel like this product is not what you are looking for, then please feel free to look at our oven buying guide, in addition to this home pizza oven reviews.

There, we tackle what we consider the best pizza ovens on the market.

That being said, we hope this post helped your decision making process easier. Please feel free to leave us any questions or comments in the section below. 

And, do not forget to check out our reviews section for more interesting reads on baking ovens and stones.

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