Metal pizza stone

Reviewing a metal pizza stone

When you think about baking stones, a metal pizza Stone is not the first thing that comes to mind. 

However, metal baking products have become quite popular across the pizza making industry. Not only from a commercial standpoint but also from avid pizza maker lovers at home who find that a metal baking tool provides them with a different feel.Therefore, in continuing our reviews we decided to take a look at a very good metal pizza stone. Considered the best metal baking stone by many consumers. As always, if you are new to baking stones, we suggest you take a look at our 101 guide in addition to this post. Nevertheless, let’s take a look!

Pizzacraft PC0313 rectangular steel baking product

The Pizzacraft rectangular steel baking plate is a very good product no matter who’s using it. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, this metal baking tool is perfect for everyday use.Moreover, they are backed by a great brand in Pizzacraft. They have been around for years, and thus have a lot of experience in this particular industry. You can get all things pizza, when it comes to dish making at home, or on the grill. You can find baking stones, tools, racks, among other things. They have also won numerous awards over the years.Hence, you can rest assured that you are getting a very good baking product if it comes from Pizzacraft. 


  • Can be used for other things besides pizza making
  • Excellent for baking
  • Bigger than other baking stones for more cooking space


  • Some clients consider the metal too thin


Especially relevant when you think about this particular baking product, is the fact that It is designed to be used for multiple purposes.

You can bake pies of course. But, also pastries and bread. Additionally, you’ll get great results with your pies in regards to the crust.

Normally, you’ll want a great crispy crust, and this baking product type will make sure you get it.The dimensions of this product are 22 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 0.14 inches thick. Furthermore, it weighs 11.8 pounds and is of course made of steel. 


When it comes to this product type model, you have 2 ways of using it. You can either use them as an alternative to a baking stone, or you can use it in conjunction with a baking stone. Therefore, one way to use it is to place your baking tool with your pizza on it in the bottom rack of your oven. And, placing a baking stone in the rack above it, in order to get a crispy crust. The idea behind it is to get the heat from the product to make the top crust brown and duplicate the effects of a baking oven in order to cook the toppings. 

The other way to go about this is to simply place your metal baking tool on a rack right below the oven broiler.

Thus, achieving your desired crispy crust from the steel and getting the ideal cooking from the heat directly from the broiler.The idea of using steel to bake lies behind the fact that metal conducts heat better than stone.

More importantly, it retains a lot more heat than stone material, which is crucial in any pizza making process.If you end up using a 500 degrees (Fahrenheit) oven, then most likely you’ll reach around 400-450 degrees in your metal baking tool. Which will of course give off and retain heat simultaneously.

The idea is to make sure the temperature of the tool is less than that of the oven in order to avoid crust burning. 

Care and use

Make sure you always use warm water to wash the tool.

Additionally, you have to dry it right away in order to preserve the properties of the steel and not cause any rusting.Moreover, make sure you do not use soap to clean. Doing so will force you to have to re-season the baking stone. Speaking of seasoning, from time to time make sure to add a bit oil to the steel in order to keep the seasoning intact.In regards to using this pizzacraft metal pizza stone, you want to make sure you preheat the product in your oven for at least 45 minutes.Obviously, each individual has their own dish recipe, so cook your pizza using whatever instructions or methodology you have.

Nevertheless, make sure you preheat your oven to at least 475 degrees( Fahrenheit).

Priced at just about 40 USD, it is a bargain for such a large metal baking stone. Thus we are not even one bit surprised that it is Amazon’s choice for metal pizza stone.

Final thoughts

Getting a metal baking product can be an easy process as long as you know what you are looking for.

Every consumer has different needs, something we mention constantly.However, this particular baking tool by Pizzacraft will cover all your needs regardless of what you are looking for. It is very affordable, and has ample space to allow you to bake. It is unusual for a baking stone to have so much space, so use it to your advantage! While the thickness may be a bit on the thin side, we don’t anticipate this being an issue thanks to being made out of steel. 

Considering that you also have 2 ways to bake when using steel, for us it is quite a bargain to have. Nevertheless, we do recommend you also get an additional baking stone to go along with your metal pizza stone. Hence, make sure you take a look at our buying guide, where we go into detail about what we consider are the best baking stone options. We hope this post was of use to you. Please feel free to leave us any comments or questions below.

And, don’t forget to take a look at our reviews sections for more interesting reads on other baking stones like this one.

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