Pizza stone cut to size

DIY Pizza Stone cut to size

Every pizza lover knows that successful pizza-making involves a lot of practice and the best ingredients. However, the process also requires high-quality equipment. Namely, a pizza stone cut to size.This baking surface is specifically used for this pursuit, is a piece of equipment that every chef should own. This piece of equipment is highly important in the cooking process. These products can raise the temperature of your oven, especially if you are using a regular oven or grill. Additionally, these products can also make the crust crispier by reducing the moisture of the dough. It is easy enough to buy a mass-manufactured baking surface, but nothing can beat a homemade pizza stone cut to size.This guide will help you create your own, suitable for your baking endeavors. 

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Choosing the Right Materials

Baking surfaces can be made using different materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.Choosing the right material for a pizza stone cut to size depends mainly on your preferences.

Here are two materials used by enthusiasts together with their pros and cons:

•Clay or Stone

Clay or stone is the most conventional material used in making stones. They come in different kinds, shapes, and sizes. Moreover, most DIY pizza stones cut to size are made from unglazed quarried tiles which you can easily find at the hardware.However, stones, can take a longer time to heat up inside the oven. Thicker ones take more than 40 minutes to be preheated. It might also be very difficult to handle due to their weight. Another disadvantage is that the material is generally fragile. Don’t be surprised to find the cracks and breaks on the surface when you drop it.


Iron is the second most common material after stone. Cast iron, which you can easily find in your kitchen pans, is a suitable material for baking.

With the right equipment, you can reshape and redesign any available pan. You can easily cook your baked goods on the stove using this material.

Iron heats up faster than stone. In a regular oven, iron can be preheated in 20 minutes or less. Iron is also easy to clean, and it will not crack or break.

Handles can help you maneuver the tool in and out of the oven.

Though the points mentioned makes iron more desirable, its low optimum temperature at around 400°F makes it more difficult to cook evenly.

Designing Your Stone

At this point, it is important to consider the design of the surface you want. In other words, you will conceptualize or sketch of how you want your product to look like. This mainly involves the size and shape, though aesthetic appearance should also be taken into consideration.For the dimensions, consider the size of your oven. Measure the inside of your oven and using the measurements, allocate at least an inch on all sides. Most stones available in the market ranges from 12-20 inches on both sides. It is also important to think about the thickness. Take note that a thinner pizza stone cut to size will also heat up faster in the oven.

The shape of your product could be rectangular, square, or oval. Most cooks would prefer rectangular slabs without curved corners since they are the easiest to make. Make sure to include handles for safety reasons. Handles can be as simple as a cut on the sides or as intricate as attaching a handle.Finally, the aesthetic appearance is an optional feature for every one of these types of tools. Most would want it to be simple. Still, there are others who want to make it more appealing to the eye.

Some people usually would carve specific patterns on the surface, while others would focus on making the handle unique as possible. Generally, the use of a material appealing to the eye is part of the aesthetics of the stone.

Pizza stone cut to size

Making Your Stone

You will now start putting your design into its physical shape. Depending on the material you will use, making your pizza stone cut to size could take days to weeks. Start with purchasing all the materials you will need and gathering the equipment you will use. You can buy the materials in online stores for the sake of convenience. The same goes for the equipment. You can also try borrowing from a friend in order to cut down the cost.When you have the all the materials and equipment, you can start making your perfect tool.

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance especially if you’re trying to cut or piece together some materials such as steel or iron. This process could be difficult and tricky for beginners.

Moreover, be patient throughout the process and remember that hastiness can sometimes lower the quality of the outcome.

Testing the finished Stone

Testing the pizza surface, you’ve made marks the end of your baking stone-making journey.

You can use simple pizza recipes you can find online to test out the baking stone you’ve made. Remember to take note of any odd details, such as cracks in the surface or change in taste. Doing this will help improve the next baking stone you make.


Stone is one of the most basic equipment used in cooking pizza. These are tools that come in various forms. However, they are also generally expensive and fragile at the same time.

Sometimes, it is also hard to find stones that match the specifications you are looking for. These are the main reasons why so many people are choosing to make their own pizza stone cut to size.Not only will you be able to customize it, you will be able to build one by yourself for a fraction of what the products on the market cost. Creating this tool requires a lot of effort when it comes to gathering the materials and equipment.

But, it will also be extremely rewarding once you succeed in making your ideal product.

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