top pizza stone

Top pizza stone

Every person who makes pies at home wants to get the top pizza stone available. However, that can take many forms depending on the individual who’s buying it.

Thus, today we want to look at what we consider one of the top pizza stone options on the market.

In order to continue our series of reviews and give you as many options possible.

As always, bear in mind that each person has specifications that differ from person to person. Therefore, make sure you are as informed as possible about baking stones.

Hence, feel free to read our pizza stone 101 guide, in conjunction with this post.

We guarantee you that whether you are a veteran of baking stones or are looking to buy your first one, you will find useful information in it.

That being said, we hope to make your search easier, just like our best pizza stone guide. Therefore, let’s take a look at another top pizza stone option.

Top option available: Lodge P14P3 seasoned cast iron pizza pan

When looking for an ideal baking stone, you will be hard pressed not to include this pizza pan from Lodge.

Lodge is an American manufacturer of cast iron cookware known globally. It was founded in 1896 by Joseph Lodge and its headquartered in Tennessee.

Lodge is one of America’s longest standing cookware companies and to this day it is still managed by the Lodge family.

The company withstood 2 world wars and even the great depression.

You can find recipes, videos, cast iron products, carbon steel products, stoneware, cookbooks, among other things, being produced by lodge.

Therefore, you can be absolutely certain that this cast iron pizza pan is one of the top pizza stone options on the market if it comes to looking at its brand and manufacturing. 


  • 14 in diameter
  • Versatile use whether at home or on the road
  • American made(so avoids the usual made in china fake versions)


  • A bit heavier than other baking stones


Firstly, you’ll love how easy it is to carry around thanks to its 2 loop handles.

More importantly, it grants you great versatility in that you can cook other things besides pizza.

Specifically, you can make pork chops, roasted vegetables, and even beef! How many baking stones can you say allow you that?

Furthermore, it is seasoned with oil, which will allow your pan to have a nice finish that should get better the more times you use it.

Because of its composition, not only can you use it on an oven, but also on on the stove, and even on a grill. It is a monster when it comes to versatility. 

It specializes in heat retention and even heating thanks to its cast iron composition.

Namely, cast iron cookware is used around the globe(not only in pizza making) because of the fact that it is a great material for heat retention.

Specifications and dimensions

The dimensions of the product are 18.438 length by 14.75 inches wide with a 1.25 inches height.

However, please note that this top baking stone option is a bit heavier than other baking stones at right around 11 pounds.

Although we do not really anticipate this being a problem for anybody.

Despite the fact that it comes seasoned at the time of purchase, we strongly suggest you coat some vegetable oil before you use it.

Furthermore, Lodge recommends that after use, you clean with a brush(stiff nylon if you have one) and hot water.

Because of the cast iron material it is made of, you should not use soap and definitely do not put in a dishwasher. 

Afterwards, make sure you dry immediately with a towel, and apply some more cooking oil while it is still warm. This will prevent you from having to do a full seasoning in the near future.

By doing this process constantly, you also avoid your pizza(or whatever else you are making) from sticking to the pan.

If you are unsure what seasoning is, or how to season properly, there are plenty of places where you can see how to properly season a cast iron cookware.

So don’t feel alarmed at the need of doing so.

It is also important to note that some users are confused by the wording when it comes to the temperature.

But, rest assured, you can easily use this on an oven thats at 450-500 degrees fahrenheit.

More importantly, at 14 inches, this pizza pan allows you to make pies big enough for 2 people who have a fair appetite.

Moreover it is a bargain of a baking stone at roughly under 40 USD. You cannot possibly go wrong with such a purchase.

Its durability will last you years, while you make all the pizza recipes you want.

Final thoughts on one of the top baking stone options

This Lodge pizza pan is without a doubt one of the top baking stone options you will see on the market. It is very well priced, and gives you an excellent “bang for your buck”.

Thanks to its cast iron material, it is primed to give you the best heat retention possible when making your pies.

Additionally, take into consideration that you can make other things besides pizzas such as vegetables or even pork chops and you have an absolute no brainer of a purchase.

While it is true that it is a bit heavier, the benefits more than make up for it.

We hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave us any questions or comments in the section below. 

Furthermore, if you are still unsure about which is the top pizza stone on the market then take a look at our pizza stone buying guide.

We are well aware that everybody has different guidelines on what they consider the best, and we believe that our buying guide in addition to this post will help you make your decision.

Nevertheless, also check out our reviews section for more great baking stone reviews.

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