Can it take the heat? The Wilton Pizza Stone

There’s nothing like a fresh, hot, homemade pizza to make a great day even better. While there has been no issue with using baking pans for creating your customized pizza creations, cooking one with a pizza stone gives that extra level of deliciousness, with a crispy, evenly-cooked crust and perfectly cooked toppings.

The Wilton Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone bids for this position on your kitchen drawer. As part of the Wilton Perfect Series, this product promises to deliver perfect pies every single time.

However, does it deserve that precious spot? Let’s take a look at what the product has to offer.

Product Overview

Wilton Pizza Stone

From the experienced chef to the budding home cook, the Wilton Pizza Stone is meant to be a cooking and baking companion.

Made from a high-quality ceramic material, this ensures that the stone will last as long as you can use it.

The ceramic material of the product also absorbs moisture very well, providing that the goods are kept warm, crisp and delicious for a longer time. This will surely spell the end to the dreaded soggy pizza crusts.

The 15-inch pizza stone also comes packed with a sturdy chrome rack, making the stone more comfortable to handle and to move from the oven to the table.

The Good and Not-so-Good

Some features of the Wilton Pizza Stone include:

  • 15-inch diameter
  • High-quality ceramic material
  • Easy to clean and Dishwasher safe

More space for your goodies

Wilton Pizza Stone

While many pizza stones come in 12-inch sizes, the pizza stone is measured at a good 15 inches, allowing more room for bigger and better-baked goods. Moreover, a bigger pizza means more fun, more sharing, and more toppings to enjoy.

However, this would also mean that not all ovens can enjoy this pizza stone, as a bigger stone will require a bigger stove for use.

When not in use, the product may also take up more kitchen real estate for storage, which could be a serious deal breaker for those who have smaller kitchens and little room for their kitchen tools.

Tough, Temperamental Material

The ceramic material that makes up the product has a porous surface, allowing it to absorb the moisture of the item that is on top of it, a plus point for the many folks that have a dislike for soggy crusts.

It also retains the heat from the oven during cooking, so your food will still be warm while serving.

The material also gives the product a non-stick surface, provided it has been adequately seasoned before use.

Unfortunately, it also suffers from the pizza stone’s number one enemy; breakage. If not adequately heated or cooled down, the pizza stone may break in half or pieces during use, making it unusable.

This is especially true when placing an ice-cold frozen pizza on top of a hot pizza stone. The resulting thermal shock from the hot and cold items will cause the product to break.

Food sticking to its surface is also a common concern, especially if not properly seasoned. However, putting some flour or cornmeal on top of the pizza stone’s surface could solve this problem, however.

Placing a piece of parchment paper between the product and the pie can also do the trick.

Cleaning and Storage

Wilton Pizza Stone

Additionally, the Wilton Pizza Stone boasts it’s easy to clean feature. With just some water and a soap-free sponge or scrubby, you can wash this kitchen tool and ready for another use.

Wiping some cooking oil over the surface and carefully scraping the burnt dough or cheese off is also a cleaning option, keeps the pizza stone seasoned and retaining the wonderful flavors for your next use.

It is essential, however, that the pizza stone is cooled down before cleaning is done, especially if water will be used. Improper cleaning may cause damage to the product or may end up breaking it altogether.

Another common concern that people have with this kind of product is the dark marks or stains that stick after initial use.

While it might affect the aesthetics, these marks and stains do not affect the function or the taste, of the product. It could provide better flavor and texture to your baked goods.

More than a Pizza Tool

Wilton Pizza Stone

One hindrance to getting a pizza stone is the notion that it is a one-trick pony. Good thing, the value of the Wilton Pizza Stone does not stop at creating delicious, crispy and evenly-cooked pizzas or reheating frozen ones.

With creativity, the product can also be used for a variety of dishes, inspiring you to do more in the kitchen and expand your culinary horizon.

The heat-retaining qualities the product boasts make it an excellent option for making giant cookies, bread, tarts, and other baked goods. It would give the baked item a distinct crispy and crunchy exterior while keeping the insides soft and cooked.

Chips and crackers can also be made on the pizza stone, providing a fat-free option to these snack favorites. Just place the items on the heated product, and see how fast they cook and crisp up.

Keep an eye on the chips or crackers while cooking, as the heat from the product can cook them quickly, and could burn as fast if unattended.

For good options, the product can help to create and keep that roasted chicken’s skin crispy and delicious, without drawing out all the juices on the inside.

It can also be used to sear your steak, giving that characteristic crust on the outside that is a telling sign of a mouth-watering steak. Not only that, the product is great for making quesadillas as well.

Merely place a tortilla on the surface, add the desired meat and cheese, fold it, pop it in the oven for a few minutes, and then enjoy the fresh, hot quesadilla.

The pizza stone is not limited to the oven, as it can be used on the grill as well. Capitalizing on its ability to retain heat, it can be placed on top of grilled meats to keep the meat flat on the grill and cook it on both sides. It also helps give your grilled items some beautiful grill marks.

Moreover, for those in search of vegan and vegetarian options, the Wilton Pizza Stone can be used to cook vegetables to give them a grilled finish.

Because it can retain high temperatures of heat, plants take less time to prepare, keeping the nutrients and flavor intact. Root crops, like potatoes, carrots, and beets, will benefit best from this technique.

Heating and reheating items can also be done with the pizza stone. From warming up tortillas and pita bread to reheating leftover mashed potatoes and frozen goods, the stone can become your kitchen assistant.

Just make sure that your frozen items are at least room temperature before placing them on the hot stone, avoiding thermal shock.

Bottom Line: Is it worth buying?

Wilton Pizza Stone

With its features and affordable price point, the Wilton Pizza Stone can be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal. Having the pizza stone may also be the start of culinary exploration, with its wide range of possible uses.

It can take the heat of your oven or grill, and help you create delicious and healthy food options to satisfy your cravings.

However, if you have a limited kitchen space or a small oven, this may not be the best option. Proper knowledge on how to keep and maintain the product will be useful for a long time.

While the stone does not come packed with instructions for use, there are multiple sources online to get that information.

Many websites, as well as product reviews on Amazon, provide instructions on how to use it, along with some hacks and tips to maximize the product.

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