The path to the best parts and pieces: Bakers pride pizza oven!

We will be taking a closer look at Bakers Pride pizza oven, its replacement parts and how to keep parts clean. With over 70 years of manufacturing high-quality cooking equipment, Bakers Pride has significantly enhanced the cooking experience in both professional and home kitchens.

Bakers Pride is the most trusted manufacturer of cooking equipment by professional chefs for quality, longevity, and power efficiency. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial steps to keep your pizza oven in tip-top condition.

This doesn’t only extend the life of the equipment, but it also helps the equipment yield the best result. To put it simply, clean and well-maintained baking equipment makes the most delicious pizzas.

Additionally, learning the different parts of your baking equipment can give you a better understanding of how it works. You can opt to buy these individual parts to replace damaged components instead of buying a new appliance.

Here are the different types of Bakers Pride pizza oven:

Convection Ovens

bakers pride pizza oven

Bakers Pride offers a wide variety of convection ovens. The convection types are available in both single and double stacked models with the option of electric or gas operation.

But how does a convection type differ from a regular model? Technically, a convection type has an exhaust system and a fan which a regular oven doesn’t have.

The exhaust system helps blow the hot air from the fan over and around the food then vents it back out.

This cooking method allows the food to be cooked faster and more evenly. Since hot air is blown directly onto the food, it can prepare the food 25% faster than regular types.

Furthermore, regular ovens tend to have hot spots resulting in uneven cooking. On the other hand, convection type has a fan that circulates the air to even out the temperature.

Because convection types can cook food faster at a consistent temperature, it generally saves more energy than their regular counterparts.

Bakers Pride also allows you to choose full-size or countertop convection type models depending on your preferred size.

The following are the convection type models that the company offers:

COC-E Cyclone Series

bakers pride pizza oven parts

This model has a patented 2-speed wheel-within-a-wheel fan that improves air circulation for more consistent baking. It is available in single or double-stacked models, and both configurations feature stainless steel exterior and door.

Additionally, the door is fully insulated with a 2-pane thermal glass window. The interior is coated with porcelain enamel which also features eleven removable rack guides.

Temperature range is between 150 to 550 degrees F and can be easily adjusted through electronic temperature control. COC-E Cyclone Series comes in a half-size design making it ideal for those who want to save kitchen space.

GDCO Cyclone Series 

The GDCO models are offered in single and double-stacked configurations with either electric or gas operation. Its fully insulated, synchronized doors are equipped with cool-touch handles for safe handling.

Additionally, it features a 2-speed fan motor with cool-down function. Also, it is designed with electronic temperature control that allows you to set the heat from 150 to 550 degrees F.

Its internal chamber is coated with porcelain enamel with eleven removable rack guides and five chrome-plated racks.

Exterior and door seals are made of stainless steel and sturdy legs with adjustable bullet feet.

BCO Cyclone Series

Offered in both single and double-stack models in either electric and gas operation, BCO series features split fully-insulated doors with cool-touch handles.

This unit has a 2-speed 900rmp fan motor for precise cooking. Plus, its lighted chamber has a porcelain enamel interior equipped with five chrome-plated racks and eleven removable rack guides.

Just like the GDCO series, this model also comes in a full-size design with black-colored legs and adjustable bullet feet.

BCO Cyclone features double-pane thermal glass windows and stainless steel exterior. Temperature ranges from 150 to 550 degrees F.

BPCV Restaurant Series Bakery-Depth

This model features a bakery-depth cooking chamber with a more powerful fan motor. The lighted, porcelain enamel interior can accommodate five full-sized sheet pans.

Furthermore, it features temperature-ready indicator lights with a temperature range of 150 to 550 degrees F. It also features double-pane thermal glass windows in split synchronized, fully-insulated doors.

BPCV Series is the perfect choice for restaurants and bakeries that require production in bulks.

Deck Ovens​​​​

bakers pride pizza oven

In addition to convection ovens, Bakers Pride also offers reliable deck ovens. Just like convection types, deck types are often used in most professional pastry kitchens for bread and pizza making.

But how does it differ from convection types? The main difference between these two is how heat is applied. Deck ovens mostly rely on both conductive heat and radiant heat to bake foods.

Conduction heating is a cooking method wherein heat is transferred from a deck (or pizza stone) to the food. On top of this, deck type also uses radiant heat in which infrared heat waves penetrate deeply into the food for thorough cooking.

We highly recommend deck type for cooking that requires controlled baking. Bakers Pride deck ovens are available in single and stacked models with a configuration of either electric or gas operation.

Since these full-size commercial deck types can evenly bake high-volume of food, they can increase production without sacrificing space.

One of the most impressive things about this Bakers Pride pizza oven is that you can stack or combine them. Doing so will multiply baking capacity as it also creates the ambiance of a traditional brick oven.

For restaurants and bakeries, we recommend these full-sized models for your baking needs. Choose from the following models:

Electric Superdeck Series

ER Superdeck Series is ideal for high-volume restaurants and bakeries. You can cook more foods because this unit is designed with a heavy-duty, fully-welded iron frame that allows stacking.

Stackable construction means that you can stack up to 3 units without consuming much space. Each chamber is independently controlled by U-shaped heating elements on top and bottom for consistent cooking.

ER Superdeck Series is available in 3 different deck height models: 12-inches, 8-inches, and 7-inches. If you intend to stack these units, make sure that they have the same deck height.

bakers pride pizza oven

GS Superdeck Series

This model features two chambers wherein each has a Cordierite deck. It features a 6.75-inches cooking area which is equipped with top and bottom heat dampers for precise cooking.

In addition to this, it is constructed with the fully-welded iron frame to allow for double-stacking. Cook your foods even faster with its temperature range of 300 to 650 degrees F with gas efficiency of 120,000 BTUh.

Superdeck Series Stubby Shallow

Constructed with a shallow depth to save space, this model is ideal for kitchens with narrow aisles. However, this unit can accommodate high-volume production required in restaurants and pizzerias.

This 66-inches wide unit has a fully-welded iron frame that allows you to stack up to 3 units. Each chamber has top and bottom heat dampers and can be independently controlled for a precise cooking result.

It features aluminized-steel interior with a Cordierite deck in 8-inches deck height. Temperature range is from 300 to 650 degrees F with gas efficiency of 210,000 BTUh.

Y Superdeck Series 

This series comes in a double-stacked design which can be built behind a façade of brick or stone. Moreover, it has a dome top accent.

Each chamber features one Lightstone fibrament, a brick-lined deck of 7.5-inches height with top and bottom heat dampers. Temperature range is between 300 to 650 degrees F with a 240,000 BTUh gas efficiency.

DS Superdeck Series

Here’s another gas-powered model that comes in a double-stacked design offering two cooking areas for increased productivity.

Compared to Y Superdeck series, this unit has a deck height of 6.75 inches with a Cordierite deck in each chamber. With its 140,000 BTUh, you can set the temperature from 300 to 650 degrees F.

D Superdeck Series

The features of this model are closely similar to the Y and DS series. Its only difference is its total BTUh of 250,000 and its deck height of 10 inches.

FC Il Forno Series

If you’re looking for a model which is a hybrid of traditional and modern ambiance, this is undoubtedly the one for you.

It has a steel-reinforced arched opening for a more traditional look coupled with a precision control technology for a modern touch.

One of the great things about this model is that you can stack it with Y, DS, and D super deck series.

Il Forno’s chamber has one Cordierite deck with a deck height of 10 inches. Additionally, you can choose between black-powder-coated or stainless steel door handles and control panels.

Countertop Deck Ovens

bakers pride pizza oven parts

But if you have limited space in your kitchen, you can opt for the smaller countertop deck types. Bakers Pride also has a wide array of countertop deck oven models to choose from.

  • Electric countertop deck models include:
  • EB Hearthbake (5.75-inches deck height),
  • BK-18 Hearthbake (7-inches deck height),
  • EP Hearthbake (5.75-inches deck height),
  • P48 Hearthbake (7 or 7.5-inches deck height),
  • P46 Hearthbake (3.25-inches top deck and7.5-inches bottom deck),
  • P24 Hearthbake (6.5 or 7-inches deck height),
  • DP-2 Hearthbake (5-inches deck height),
  • P44 Hearthbake (2.75 or 3.25-inches deck height),
  • P22 Hearthbrake (2.75 or 3.25-inches deck height),
  • P18S Hearthbake (3.25-inches deck height),
  • PX Hearthbake (3 inches deck height)

The company also offers one gas-operated model called GP Hearthbake that is available in two or four baking chambers.

Upper deck has a height of 5 inches while the deck height on the bottom chamber is 6 inches.

Speed Ovens

A speed type works like a regular kitchen oven but is smaller in size. Despite its small size, speed type (based from its name) cooks faster than their regular counterparts.

It utilizes two types of heating processes to make faster cooking time – microwave and convection.

By alternating between these two heat processes, it allows the food to cook faster making it an ideal alternative for cooking on-the-go.

Bakers Pride presents its E300 Hearthbake Electric Countertop Speed Oven that combines microwave and air impingement (convection) technology.

Its side-launched microwaves and top/bottom air impingement work together to provide fast and accurate cooking.

Moreover, its side-launch microwave design allows the use of metal pans. And its adjustable air speed enables gives you full control of the baking process.

Probably the most fantastic feature of the Bakers Pride Speed Oven is its built-in firmware that allows you to program up to 384 recipes.

You can easily access the recipes through its user-friendly touchscreen display. What’s more, you can also update the menus via USB port.

Common Replacement Parts of the Bakers Pride Oven

bakers pride pizza oven

Here is the list of the Bakers Pride pizza oven parts that you can buy online.

2-lead thermopiles

Thermopile is an electronic device capable of converting thermal energy to electrical energy. Generally, thermopiles come in a pair known as ‘thermocouple’ that is connected in series or parallel.


The gas type has a burner hidden inside so you can’t see whether it has ignited or not. The unlit burner can explode and may seriously cause a hazard.

To prevent this, ovens are equipped with safety valves that will only open when ignition occurs. This means that the valves won’t open until the burner has ignited to assure safety.


The thermostat is the one responsible for the regulation of the oven’s temperature. This component is present in both electric and gas type configurations.

It primarily monitors the interior temperature of the unit as well as adjusting the heat source according to the temperature setting.

The thermostat is usually attached to a small circuit board that controls the heat source which is located inside the oven. In case the unit reaches unsuitable temperature, a signal is sent to the thermostat to turn off the burners.


A burner is the one in charge of supplying heat to the oven to reach the appropriate temperature needed for cooking.

To provide heat, a burner needs to be ignited through gas ignition (for gas-operated types) or electric spark (for electric models).

The igniter applies electric current to the burner that will heat the latter to a high temperature until it glows.

Pilot light (igniter)

For a burner to create heat, it would require an igniter that is capable of drawing current to generate a flame.

Gas types usually have a pilot light with a continuous burning flame that instantly ignites the burner the moment it is turned on.

Electric types, on the other hand, have a pilot light in the form of electronic ignitions that produce a spark to create ignition.


Oven knobs are used to control the valves and are usually located along the front of the equipment.

This rotary control knob allows you to control the degree of the unit’s interior temperature.

Door springs

It is crucial that the oven door is tightly closed while baking to ensure that the heat won’t escape out.

Sturdy springs are attached to the oven door hinges to keep the door completely shut when closed. Furthermore, these springs make it easier for you to open the oven door.

Things to Consider in Buying Oven Replacement Parts

bakers pride pizza oven parts

In case one of these components malfunctions and goes beyond repair, you’ll need to buy replacement parts.

The good thing is, Bakers Pride pizza oven replacement parts are readily available at affordable prices.

Here are some important factors to consider in purchasing replacement parts:

Check the model number.

Compatibility is probably the most significant issue when buying replacement parts. That is why it is essential to make sure that the components you’re buying are compatible with your equipment.

Take note that some replacement parts are compatible with different Bakers Pride models.

So, be sure to check the model number before finalizing a purchase(amazon allows you to do this, right on their page as you view items).. If the model number is not visible on the picture, it is wise to contact the seller for inquiries.

The seller’s reputation.

When you go online, you’ll likely find many different sellers or retailers of oven replacement parts. This makes it so troublesome to pick which of these retailers are selling the best products.

One of the best ways of getting the highest quality of the product is to check the seller’s reputation.

A trusted seller must have a definite returns/refund policy for the buyer’s protection. Also, take time to read customer reviews and feedback. Remember, a seller with a high rating and more positive reviews tend to be more legit than those that don’t.


Bakers Pride pizza oven parts vary in prices so take time to compare prices before making a decision.

It’s good to spend less money but also sees to it that you’re not compromising the quality of your purchase.

Some replacement parts may come cheaper but be aware that these may have inferior quality compared to the pricier ones.

Always be smart in the shopping, reading product reviews is definitely worth the time.


Bakers Pride pizza oven can make the most delicious pizza as long as it is working correctly. To enjoy its full potential, we need to take care of it through regular cleaning and maintenance.

With proper maintenance, occurrences of component breakdowns can be significantly minimized. But should it happen, there are lots of replacement parts that you can purchase online.

Just remember the important things to consider in buying replacement parts for your Bakers Pride pizza oven.

Always keep these factors in mind, and you’re guaranteed to reap the benefits of your kitchen appliance for a longer time. And, being on your way to making great pizzas!






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