Baking bread on a pizza stone

A baking stone is a thick and usually large piece of stoneware that is mostly used for bread and pizza baking. Pizza stones are favorite kitchen tools for most people who like cooking.

A pizza stone can turn out to be your most frequently used equipment. Baking stones work very merely; they can absorb and retain heat very well when they are in an oven.

When you are baking bread on a pizza stone heat is transferred directly to the bottom of the food.

If you are baking bread on a pizza stone, you should add little cornmeal or flour to help removal.

The pizza stone can help a baker produce a gorgeous crust, as long as it is adequately heated.

It requires a maximum of 30 minutes to get a nice crisp crust on your bread.

The pizza stone is heavy therefore it is not prone to heating when used on an oven.

Its size allows you to bake many loaves all at once. Your bread is likely not to burn when using a pizza stone because it does not absorb too much heat.

The nature of the rock is porous which helps to absorb moisture which results in a crispier crust.


Here are the directions of baking bread on a pizza stone

You will need the following

  • A pizza stone
  • A roasting pan
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • A dough cutter or a knife
  • Olive oil spray

Place flour, warm water, salt, olive oil, brown sugar, and yeast on a pan and make a dough, do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions on how you should use your mixture.

You have to make sure the dough you make dough is not too moist, add flour to make perfect and add water if the dough is too dry.

Place the pizza stone in an oven so that it may preheat to 190 degrees C, you should do this for thirty minutes before you start baking.

Afterwards, place the dough on a clean surface with flour, from the mixture make two loaves. Place the buns in a way they seam upside down on a cutting board then sprinkle with cornmeal.

Cover the lover for forty minutes and let it rise until its volume is doubled.

bread on pizza stone

Take a small bowl, an egg and one tablespoon of water, add them together, brush the dough with the egg mixture. 

Cut the leaves at the center just once using a sharp knife. You can also use a mix of mayonnaise and pesto for toppings.

Gently put the loaves on a pizza stone, do this carefully make sure it doesn’t fall.

Bake for 30-35 minutes. The baking pizza stone should be placed on the lowest shelf of the oven

Bread baked on a pizza stone is delicious and tastes like an Italian recipe. You can also make the dough a night before the baking day.

After baking doesn’t wash your pizza stone with soap because soaps destroy the accumulated seasoning. Use clean water to rinse it.

A pizza stone with handles helps you to remove foods from the oven quickly and doesn’t put much strain on your arms and back.

If you want a product that is simple to use and carry then you need a pizza stone with handle. The ones with a handle are the cast iron model.

Most people buy the steel made pizza stone without knowing they don’t have a handle.

Home bakes may not have professional equipment that is used at bakeries, but they can still bake a delicious bread using the pizza stone.

Using a pan for baking bread is also excellent, but baking bread on apizza stone sets your meal apart from the customarily made home bread.

The meal is delicious and very tasty, you will never regret having the pizza stone at your home since it saves you and your family from eating local boring bread


Things you should consider when using a pizza stone and after use.

  1. Use a metal spatula to take off any food that is stuck to the pizza stones surface.
  2. Never use soap on a pizza stone, it can be cleaned by using warm water and a clean sponge. Leave the oils on the stone since they help to season the stone.
  3. Do not soak the pizza stone in water for too long, if you leave it in water for too long the next time you use it on the oven it will crack
  4. You cannot avoid stains on your pizza stone so do not worry about the stains since they are normal.
  5. After cleaning your pizza stone, place it in the oven, you can also store if in a safe place where there is no plenty of utensils or kitchen equipment.
  6. You can make great bread at home using this pizza stone; you need a few tools and techniques. Namely, you can merely make loaves of food that are better than those from the supermarket.
  7. If you decide to steam your bread, you are likely to get a thick and crunchy crust.

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Final thoughts

Baking bread on a pizza stone allows you to make a ton of recipes at home.

When you want to buy a pizza stone make sure your budget allows you to get the best quality pizza stone, this will help you not buying a product that is not your choice. 

The bread you make may not only be for home use with your children but if you have time to make many loaves of food then you can supply to mini supermarkets, and you can get incomes.

Your customers are going to like your bread; you can also have a mini bakery at home.

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Feel free to leave us any comments or questions below. and we will happily help you out.

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