Adding the Best Electric Pellet Smoker

Everybody wants delicious meals with wood fire flavors. However, this must be paired with a grill that’s easy to use and offers unbelievable consistency and versatility.

Otherwise you’ll waste time and effort. Therefore, what you need is a pellet smoker. As we continue our series of reviews, today we want to take a look at the best electric pellet smoker options.

Two of the best electric pellet smokers are reviewed for you below. They’re the top rated based on their overall build and performance. If you’re unsure on which one to pick out of the thousands of pellet smokers, then this is the post for you(you can of course also check out our buying guide for more detailed reviews of smokers).

Go ahead and explore why one of these pellet smokers is the solution to your smoking needs. And, why we consider these the best electric pellet smoker options.


It’s definitely a tough pick between these two units. The important consideration is how portable a unit you require.

The Traeger is simply too large for transport. But the food you’ll enjoy will be worth any effort! Everyone will want to join your feasts as you get known for the flavorful food you make.

Nevertheless, they are both great options, and considered each the best electric pellet smoker by many. Choose the one that fit your needs best!

Also, don’t forget to check out our 101 section for everything you need to know on smokers like this one.


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