Best wood fired pizza oven

Best wood fired pizza oven

One of the most effective ways of cooking pizza is with the best wood fired pizza oven possible.

When you use these products to cook your homemade pies, you enjoy a really authentic taste of a properly cooked pie.

Investing in a wood fired pizza oven(along with a good pizza stone) for your home is perfect if you enjoy making pies on a regular basis.

You will create delicious pies for everybody, and enjoy inventing your own pie creations that are cooked to perfection.

So let’s take a look at what we deem necessary in the best wood fired pizza oven.

You can choose from a number of wood fired pizza ovens, and these are perfect for outdoor kitchens and gardens.

Fueled by wood, they are quick to heat up and will cook your pies quickly and evenly. You can enjoy energy and heat efficiency from these baking products.

Which is why they have become popular among pie lovers that want to create sumptuous pies.

If you want to enjoy the benefit of the best wood fired pizza oven possible, there are various baking products available.

Of course, you want to ensure you get one that is reliable, efficient, and does a great job. Therefore, here are the best wood fired pizza oven.

Looking for the right pizza oven? Then take a look at one of these*

What should the best wood fired pizza oven should look like?


ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven: Made from durable, robust stainless steel, this is a very stylish and attractive wood fired pizza oven.

The high level of insulation within this product means that it is kept insulated up to five times the level of the more basic model from this(as well as others) manufacturer. 

It uses ceramic insulation for the ultimate in heat retention and uses locally made fire bricks for great cooking results.

It does take just over 20 minutes to be ready to cook but the wait is well worth it. 

In terms of cooking the pies, this can take less than 3 minutes depending on the pies, so the time spent waiting for it to heat up is more than made up for, by the incredibly quick cooking time.

Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven: This stylish stainless steel wood fired pizza oven offers the added benefit of being compact and portable.

It takes just ten minutes to heat up enough to start cooking, and your pies can be cooked in as little as 60 seconds. 

This makes it easy to rustle up a delicious pies in next to no time – and better still, you get to enjoy the authentic taste that comes with wood fired pizza.

This baking tool is perfect for gardens and outdoor kitchens, and its portability adds to its practicality.

It is fueled by wood pellets, which means that you can enjoy cost efficiency as well as great taste.

Runner up

PRC Outdoor Pizza Oven: The wood fired outdoor pizza oven from PRC is beautifully designed and will make a great addition to any garden or patio area.

This handmade baking tool is well insulated and made from brick. It offers a large cooking area and is ideal for making crispy, delicious pies. 

You can also cook other things including fresh bread and slow cooked meat. This fire brick oven also enables you to add a chimney.

The product is simple to use and is aesthetically pleasing, making it the perfect choice for your outdoor area.

All of these products will enable you to enjoy the great taste of wood fired pies in your own home.

best wood fired pizza oven

Deciding which wood fired oven to choose

Of course, you need to make a decision with regards to which wood fired oven you want to purchase.

You will find that they all have their unique benefits and style. However, in order to determine which one to opt for, you should look at a range of factors.

These include:

The waiting and cooking times. The time you have to wait to start cooking, and the time it takes to cook the pie can vary.

In general, these wood fired pizza ovens will cook your pie perfectly in a very short amount of time. 

However, some take longer to heat up to the right temperature than others.

Therefore, make sure to weigh what’s more important for you depending on your preferences.

The appearance and design. You should look at the appearance and design of the different baking tools to see which fits in best with your home and your personal preference.

Also, look at the features and specification of each one.

The amount it costs. You should also look at the price of the baking tools to help you make your decision.

These are generally more expensive than gas fueled and electric pizza ovens.

However, you can still find some affordable wood fired ovens. Moreover, the added dollar value compared to these other type of baking tools is definitely worth it.

Final thoughts

Once you have made your decision, you can start enjoying the wonderful taste and aroma of the best wood fired pizza and other dishes.

Make sure to go through each of these points, in search of the best wood fired pizza oven.

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