Getting the Best Chiminea Pizza Oven on the Market Possible

In-depth Guide

It is obvious that there are plenty of options for the best chiminea pizza oven.

A chiminea (from the Spanish word for “chimney) is a freestanding fireplace with a round body and a vertical chimney.

They were invented in Mexico nearly 400 years ago and were used inside traditional earth-floor huts for both cooking and warmth.

Notably, an opening in the roof of the hut allowed smoke to escape, and the hard earth floors reduced risk of fire from a broken chiminea.

Moreover, unlike other fireplaces, the unique shape of a chiminea creates an airflow that draws fresh air in through the front of the fireplace.

Hence, feeding the flames, and then venting heat and smoke vertically.

Thus, this airflow design means that they keep flames and smoke away from surrounding objects and people, and make the fire burn hotter and cleaner, reducing residual ash.

Additionally, it also means that fire in a chiminea will burn out completely in a relatively short period of time, an important safety consideration in both ancient and modern applications.


Making your own pizzas in your garden on a chiminea pizza oven is a fun and delicious way to feed family and friends.

Furthermore, the smaller size of these pizzas means that everyone can have fun making their own just the way they like.

Likewise, chimineas are also great for barbeques, grilling, smores, and simply warming up cooler evenings outdoors.

With some care and maintenance, you will enjoy for decades and transform outdoor entertaining.

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