Compare Pizza Stones: Pizzacraft vs Heritage

A Product Guide

When baking pizzas, it is important to have a sturdy surface on which to bake the dough. This is especially true if you are baking on modern pizza ovens and are in the process of trying to compare pizza stones.

The reason for this, you ask? Most of these ovens do not reach temperatures high enough to cook the dough in an even manner.

If you are trying to create the perfect dish, it is imperative that you invest in a good-quality stone.

We picked two products worth your consideration: Pizzacraft Rectangular stone and Heritage 15” Black Ceramic stone.

These two are some of the most well-known products on the market right now.

In order to help you buy the best baking equipment, let us compare pizza stones from Pizzacraft and Heritage in a comprehensive manner.

Both brands are well-established. However, as evident by the brand names themselves, they have rather different product focuses.

Pizzacraft is well-known among pie makers for creating tools and equipment specifically geared towards pizza baking.

Heritage Products, meanwhile, create a variety of kitchen tools.


It was not easy to compare pizza stones that are both popular and well-liked in the industry.

However, there are significant differences between the Pizzacraft Rectangular Stone and Heritage 15” Black Ceramic Stone.

One can say that both are high-quality products with different priorities. Thus, it is difficult to declare a clear and objective winner.

A lot depends on the preferences of the chef who will be making the dish.

If you value thermal shock resistance, you can’t go wrong with the Pizzacraft Rectangular Stone.

However, it might be less convenient if you plan on making circular pies. On the other hand, the Heritage stone is made of regular ceramic.

Therefore, you will have to be more careful than usual, but it is efficient and stylish. Additionally, you will also get a free pizza cutter with the package.

A stone can help one achieve the perfect crispiness and texture. It might not be the only factor to consider when making pies.

But, it can indeed create a significant difference.

A great stone is going to be an excellent investment, especially if you are planning to bake other dishes.


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