Cordierite vs Ceramic Pizza Stone

Comparison Guide

It is common to see pizza-makers get into heated discussions about using wood or charcoal for their brick ovens. It is equally easy to find arguments about gas and electric pizza ovens. However, there is one debate that is not as discussed but can similarly affect the outcome: cordierite vs ceramic pizza stone.

It is a mistake to think that these stones are alike.

However, knowing the nuances of the different types of stone can only introduce you to a multitude of new possibilities for pizza production.

We’ll begin by discussing the importance of these products.

Beginners will benefit from this lesson, but it will also serve as a nice refresher course for the more experienced chefs.

This will also be helpful when it comes to resolving the cordierite vs ceramic pizza stone issue.


It ultimately boils down to your personal preferences. It is hard to declare a winner between cordierite or ceramic pizza stone because the best is largely subjective.

You might say that cordierite models are of objectively better quality. But, not everyone can afford to spend more on kitchen equipment.

Pizza-making hobbyists will likely be satisfied with a ceramic model, they will be willing to work around its structural inconveniences, but professional chefs might not be.

Buying a baking surface is already a step in the right direction. You will see a difference in the results when you compare it to pizza made without one.

It will be easier to obtain the desired texture and crispiness, essential qualities if you are on the quest to perfect your pizza recipe.

It is important to be alert when shopping, regardless of which type you decide to get. There are plenty of imitations in the market right now. This does not only pose the danger of paying more for its actual value, but it could also be a security risk.

When cooking, great-tasting dishes are always important, but safety should always be your top priority.


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