Making your own custom pizza stones

custom pizza stones

Pizza stones are really great ways to cook pizza. Mainly, there are a lot of advantages that come with using your own custom pizza stones.

Basically, a normal baking sheet made of metal just can’t perform the same way a real baking tool can.

However, buying a pizza stone can be a bit of a challenge because there are so many options available. Something we’ve discussed in length on our buying guide.

Therefore, today we will talk about an unconventional method. What about the possibility of making your own custom pizza stones?Or at least have custom pizza stones made for you. Namely, making or buying custom baking tools might just be the best way to go.

This will allow you to determine the exact size and other features of the baking tool that you want to have. 

Nevertheless, let’s talk about why having these stone options is great.

Also, what to look out for when buying a baking tool, and how you can even make your own for next to no cost.

custom pizza stones

Why use a baking stone?

There are many reasons why using a baking tool is the ideal way to make your pies. You can look at our full guide on this whenever. Let’s talk about some of these now:

  • Heat Protection – One of the main purposes of these type of products is to protect your pie from the direct heat of your oven or wood fired baking stove. Mainly, direct heat from the bottom can cause uneven cooking, burnt crusts, and under-cooked middles. A baking tool helps to build a heat barrier between the pie and the heat source. The stone still heats up and helps bake the pie, but the heat is much more subtle and not so direct. In addition, burning the bottom of the pie is not easily done with a stone.
  • Carrying – If you get a good baking tool with handles on it, it can make putting the pie in and out of the oven much easier.
  • Heat Distribution – A good baking tool helps with heat distribution. Instead of the direct heat baking whatever part of the pizza it is under, the heating elements or fire will evenly heat up the stone. An evenly heated stone distributes heat very well to all sides. Moreover, a good baking tool will make sure that the center is hotter while the edges do not heat up as much. More importantly, this helps result in a perfectly cooked pizza with crispy but not burnt crusts. Finally, having even heat from the bottom is very important when it comes to making a great pizza.
  • circleMoisture – A good baking tool can help prevent your pies from getting soggy by absorbing excessive moisture. Thus, resulting in crispy crusts that everybody loves.

Looking for the right pizza stone? Then take a look at one of these*

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Why custom pizza stones?

You might be wondering why would you use or make custom pizza stones. Well, the answer is in the fact that it is custom.

Mainly, you can choose exactly what you want in order to make your pie making endeavors as successful as possible.

Size & Shape – Getting a custom baking tool will allow you to choose the size that you need.

Therefore, You can get a square, rectangular, or round baking tool depending on what shape you want the pies to have.

Moreover, you might have a very small or a very large oven, in which case choosing the size of the stone is definitely a big bonus.

Thickness – Being able to choose the thickness of the baking tool is another big advantage of having a custom stone.

Namely, thinner stones take less time to cook the pies. But, they do not do as great a job as thicker stones in terms of heat protection and distribution.

More importantly. getting an even cook on your pie is easily done with a thicker stone. However, it will take longer than with a thinner one.

Glazing – Having a glazed baking tool is useful because it will help prevent the absorption of odors and color.

Thus, prevent staining, and making the stone easy to wash. On the other hand, an unglazed stone does a much better job at absorbing a bit of moisture.

Which, prevents soggy pies and helps making crispy crusts.

Material – Mainly, you get to choose the material and the look of the stone with a custom stone.

Custom pizza stones

Your Own Custom baking tool

You can go out and have your very own baking tool customized by professionals. But, you can make your own custom pizza stones if you so choose.

Firstly, you can go to any general hardware or building supplies store and pick up some unglazed ceramic tiles.

Secondly, make sure that the building tiles are unglazed, as glazed building tiles can contain led and other chemicals.

You can simply choose the shape, thickness, and size of the tiles you want.

Additionally, if you so choose, you can use your own tile cutting saw or hire a pro to cut the tiles to shape.

The point is that the most affordable and easiest baking tool is one made out of simple unglazed ceramic tiles.

They come in many shapes and sizes, which makes them more than ideal for customization.

Moreover, keep in mind that these DIY baking tools might not be as durable as professional ones from a real cooking store. But, the price difference is very real.

Here is a great video showing how you can do this with a very small budget:


Now that you know what a baking stone is good for. And, why custom ones are cool, and even how to make your own for next to no money.

We hope that you might give it a try. 

Additionally, if you are looking for other posts on different things to try out, check out our blog too.

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