High temperature pizza oven

Outset Pizza grill stone in a high temperature pizza oven

Thinking of serving a home-baked pizza for your friends and family in a high temperature pizza oven? Then you should consider using a Outset Pizza Grill Stone.

The product comes in a perfect stone for your convenience. You can also surprise your loved ones with French loaves, calzones, and other baked goods.

Additionally, these surfaces have been specially constructed for use in a high temperature pizza oven and they are thus extremely durable.

Which is a key aspect in our oven guide:


Outset QZ46 Pizza Grill Stone, 16.5-Inch

How to use

You can choose to pre-heat the oven to around 500° F (260° C) and then place the product in the middle of the oven.

Furthermore, when using a grill, you can pre-heat it to the same temperature and place the stone for at least 30 minutes.

However, for best results, it is better to place it inside the oven during the actual pre-heating process to prevent thermal shock.

Also, it is best to dust the tiles with cornmeal prior to placing the dough or other food on top of the stone.

In case you do not have a peel or a metal spatula, you should wear gloves so that you can safely slide the stone to and from the open without fear of burning.

Caring for the pizza grill stone

Especially relevant, is the fact that the Outset Stone is easy to clean and maintain as it only requires hand washing.

Firstly, start by scraping off any excess food with the use of a spatula. Once the stone has cooled down, pour hot water on it while scrubbing the surface with a brush.

Do not use soap as it will leave a bitter aftertaste that can interfere with the taste of your dish. After cleaning, use a clean towel to dry the stone tiles and leave it out to dry completely.

You won’t need to soak it in water either as this high-quality product has been constructed using a sturdy material.

It will not crack due to temperature changes or thermal shock. However, there is still a high possibility that it will break if you drop it so be careful when handling it out of the oven.


This pizza grill stone tile has been crafted with high-quality cordierite stone. This material is durable, non-absorbent, and lead-free.

Hence, it can withstand temperatures of up to 1450° F and can be used frequently.

Due to its thermal shock resistance, feel free to adjust the temperature without worrying that the stone might crack.

Furthermore, other stone tiles in the market usually crack or split during normal changes when used in a high temperature pizza oven.

Technicalities aside, cordierite stone tiles are great if you want a light and crunchy quality to the dish. A lot of people report that it has led to a perfectly-baked crust.

If you are buying supplies for your pizzeria or restaurant, it is also important that you have different baking surface sizes to cater for their specific needs.

On the other hand, the Outset Pizza Grill Stone is safe for use on a grill as well as on an oven.

This product is specifically customized for adaptability.

Therefore, you can be assured of a good outcome regardless of whether you are cooking using a charcoal grill, conventional oven, or propane.

Additionally, the material used to make the tiles can handle all the heat that both your high temperature pizza oven and grill can dish out.

Cooking versatility

As mentioned above, these tiles can also be used to make tortillas, rolls, pastries, and calzones.

You can place the tiles together to cook larger doughs or, alternatively, use individual tiles when making smaller pizzas and dishes.

Furthermore, It eliminates hot spots when cooking so that all of your baked goods can have a uniformly brown crust.

When other stones in the market are used in a high temperature pizza oven, they are likely to produce pastries that are either too burned or not crusty enough.

Outset QZ46 Pizza Grill Stone, 16.5-Inch

Square shape

Especially relevant, is the fact that this 0.4-inch-thick stone has a square form.

Thus, giving you ample versatility to experiment with various styles apart from the traditional Neapolitan variety.

Circular stones can limit the size and shape of the pizza you are making.

If you want a unique homemade pizza or you want to impress your customers, this stone will come to the rescue.

Easy maintenance

These stone tiles are easy to clean and care for. Say goodbye to complicated cleaning procedures.

After impressing your family and friends with quality pizza, you will only need to hand wash the stone. You can simply towel-dry and air-dry it after.

Outset Pizza Grill Stone Features and Specs

  • Dimensions: 8.3” x 8.3” x 2.6”
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Set of 4 square stones
  • arrow-rightManufacturer: Outset, Inc.
  • arrow-rightMaterial: Cordierite stone
  • arrow-rightSturdy cordierite construction
  • arrow-rightSmooth surface
  • arrow-rightSafe for oven and grill use
  • arrow-rightAdequate cooking space


Here are some key advantages of using the Outset pizza grill stone tiles compared to other stones in the market:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Capacity to withstand very high and low temperatures
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • plusGreat for both cooking and reheating frozen pizzas
  • plusPack of four pizza tiles for convenience
  • plusSuitable for different patterns to fit pizzas of any size and shape


Although this product has benefits, it also has certain disadvantages:

  • Heavy and not fully portable
  • Requires a lot of storage space

Final thoughts

The Outset Pizza Grill Stone Tile is among the top pizza baking surfaces in the market that is suitable for any high temperature pizza oven.

However, it is large and may not be the perfect fit for smaller ovens. If you do not have adequate storage, this is probably not your best bet.

If lack of space is no problem, this stone is worth the investment. It has a lot of flexibility, versatility, and durability.

It can withstand extreme temperatures due to its cordierite material, ensuring years of future use.

If you are hosting a cookout or want to make quality pizza for your restaurant or home, then this is the perfect stone for all your baking needs.

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