Pizza Casserole

Biscuits and Pepperoni Casserole Recipes

Pizza, as we all know it, is an Italian dish that is so well-loved in all parts of the world.

Due to its constant popularity and marketability, people have come up with countless versions of it. One of which is the pizza casserole.


Making pizza casserole is not as complicated as it sounds. Anyone can easily cook it at home. Just follow the simple pizza casserole recipe, and you’re good to go. Moreover, don’t forget to try its other variations as well.

Later on, you can apply a bit of creativity by using add-ins or go experimental by using substitutions to the necessary ingredients.

Go healthy and use more veggies such as spinach, artichoke, broccoli, or cauliflower while you go easy on the meat.

However, if you’re a meat-lover, then you can also include cooked bacon or smoked ham alongside the pepperoni for a meatier flavor.

Of course, no one will judge you if you choose to put pineapples on your pizza casserole. What if you don’t have a casserole pan? Is there any alternative cookware in making pizza casserole?

You can make pizza casserole by using almost any sort of baking pans. You only need to adjust (increase or reduce) the number of ingredients depending on the size of the container.


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