Pizza Meatloaf

A Great Stuffed Recipe for Anybody to Try!

Pizza is the most favorite food in the United States, and meatloaf has been an all-time favorite dish as well. Put them together in a single plate, and you get pizza meatloaf – a mouthwatering dish to pep up your palate.

The name itself is as appetizing as it could be. Two of the most favorite dish combined into one, pizza meatloaf indeed sounds tasty and flavorsome.

So, what exactly is a pizza meatloaf? Is it a new style of pizza? Alternatively, is it a new variation of the traditional meatloaf?

A pizza meatloaf represents all the right things in both pizza and meatloaf.

This scrumptious dish takes after the essential ingredients of pizza sauce and its great toppings. However, instead of a flatbread crust as a base, it uses traditional meatloaf as a substitute.


Pizza meatloaf is a simple dish that is guaranteed to make dinnertime more exciting, for you and your family.

With the Keto diet craze going on, replacing carb-crust with meatloaf is the ultimate answer for Keto practitioners to enjoy pizza.

Although you can put as many toppings of your choice, we suggest that you go easy on the toppings.

Meatloaf is already savory and flavorful on its own. A minimal amount of toppings would be enough to complement the taste of meatloaf.

On the contrary, putting too many toppings may give you a flavor-overloaded dish that may be too overpowering.

Pizza is all about the right balance and perfect harmony of each ingredient. Too much of it can put everything out of balance.

The good thing about pizza meatloaf is that there are plenty of variations that you can choose from.

If you prefer a healthier alternative, you can use chicken or turkey as a substitute for beef. Moreover, if you want a pizza meatloaf that has the authentic taste of Italian pizza, then we recommend the meatloaf French bread version.


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