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Making a perfect dish with the pizza stone broiler method

Very few people would disagree that pizza is one of the best dishes ever made. The Neapolitan tradition has spread all over the world, becoming a universally-loved dish with multiple regional versions. Which is why we want to talk about a pizza stone broiler.

While it is easy to enough to buy this dish from the store, there is still something special about making your own in the comfort of your home.

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a traditional pizza oven.

These pieces of equipment are costly, not to mention the fact that they are hard to maintain and require a lot of space. 

Luckily for casual pizza-making enthusiasts, there are several ways to go about this problem.

It doesn’t always have to be exhausting and time-consuming to create a great dish.

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The pizza stone broiler method

We will be discussing how to make this dish with what is called the pizza stone broiler method.

This technique was invented by Heston Blumenthal, the British celebrity chef who runs the Michelin three-star restaurant The Fat Duck.

All you need is a handy baking stone and a regular oven with a broiler feature. These things can usually be found in your own kitchen.

At the very least, these tools should be much easier to obtain than a traditional wood-fired oven.

The challenge in any home pizza-making endeavor is making the perfect crust.

A lot of people fear that they will not be able to obtain the perfect amount of char, crispiness, and chewiness. 

When you try to hack the process, the greatest problem is often the lack of heat. It is difficult to achieve 800 degrees Fahrenheit and beyond in a regular oven.

The solution to this problem? A pizza stone. You might not be baking in a traditional oven, but this tool is actually a great investment.

It is meant to help transfer heat to the dough, ensuring a crispier crust.

As aforementioned, regular ovens do not normally generate enough heat so you need this equipment for greater heat transfer. 

It is not only limited to the Italian dish as you can also use it to create other baked goods.

You might have several questions about your broiler. Are you unsure whether the one you have at home is up for the job? Don’t worry.

The technique will work for both gas and electric ones. The pizza stone broiler should work for any broiler that functions as it should.

Even the broiler drawer located at the bottom of an oven should work, though you will have to be more creative about it.

Broiling Your dish to Perfection

You are probably intrigued at this point. Let’s shove the mystery away by taking a look at the steps that the pizza stone broiler method requires.

Follow these instructions to achieve a great, authentic-tasting pizza.

1. Preheat the stone over the stove on the highest possible setting for around 15 minutes.
2. Turn on the broiler and set it to the highest setting. Wait around 10 minutes so that it can reach the desired temperature.
3. While waiting, feel free to do the rest of the preparation your dish requires. Make the sauce and prepare the dough.
4. Once the pizza stone is ready, pop it into the broiler so that it can obtain an even higher level of heat. Make sure that you place it upside down.
5. Add sauce, cheese, and toppings on top of the dough.
6. When you are finished, slide the dough on top of the pizza stone’s underside.
7. Leave it in the broiler for a minute and a half.
8. Take it out of the oven.
9. Serve.

Safety precautions

Any aspiring cook needs to remember that safety is the biggest consideration when using any kitchen equipment.

Yes, one should prioritize it even over the taste of the resulting dish. How will you be able to finish cooking the dish when you are injured?

Don’t forget that pizza stones are rather fragile. The name is actually something of a misnomer. These baking surfaces are usually made of ceramic.

This means that dropping them may cause them to break. Moreover, your precious tiles might undergo damage.

Don’t forget to practice the proper safety precautions when handling it, especially when it has been heated.

Don’t forget to use thick mittens when transferring the pizza stone to prevent burns and other forms of injuries.

A pizza peel is also a worthwhile investment so that you can securely deliver the dough to and from the broiler. 


Since this is a makeshift solution, don’t expect it to completely emulate the functionality of a pizza oven. There will, of course, be certain limitations.

For one thing, you will only be able to make a pizza that is as big as the stone you have.

It will also be harder to obtain the exact crispiness that you desire so it is important to keep an eye on it while it cooks.

Rest assured, the result will still be better than anything you buy from a pizza restaurant chain.

We have also mentioned that you can use the pizza stone broiler technique for drawer broilers.

If this is the case, you might have to use the actual oven for a little while to ensure even baking.

Cook it inside the oven but move it to the broiler for a minute after to achieve some color on top.

Don’t forget that you have to transfer the pizza stone as well. It will be a little time-consuming but it should work.

Ending notes

Do you still have hesitations about giving it a shot?

Remember that the proponent of the method is a well-esteemed cook at the world’s most famous restaurant. If it’s good enough for him, it should be good enough for us. 

The pizza stone broiler might not be perfect, but it’s a great solution if you are tired of the mass-produced variety.

Your friends and family will surely love it— we bet they won’t even be able to tell that you only had to use a broiler to create it!

We hope this helps, additionally, take a look at our pizza stone guide here:

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