Prefab Pizza Oven

Deciding between Modular or Prefab Pizza Oven

When installing kitchen equipment, you usually have two options: you can either go with a modular or a prefab pizza oven.

The difference may be quite hard to recognize if you are unfamiliar with these terms. However, you will be able to distinguish the two with proper research.

‘Modular’ means constructed with standardized dimensions or units that allows variety and flexibility in use.

A modular oven is basically defined as one that you can construct as you wish. You can choose various parts to customize your own equipment.

This method allows the builder a lot of variety and flexibility.

On the other hand, the word prefabricated is synonymous with pre-assembled. The term generally means manufactured in standard sizes.

Therefore, a prefab pizza oven is a complete set on its own. This is more convenient as you will no longer have to choose individual pieces.

You might think that all kilns are the same. However, there are key differences between a modular and prefab pizza oven.

They possess certain advantages and disadvantages. Hence, there is no clear winner between the two. It is thus important to know which one suits your needs better.

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Modular Pizza Ovens

Modular models are better known and more commonly used in Italy. These units are shipped in a disassembled manner when ordered.

The owner has more control over the installation process and the finish details. Aside from home use, it can also meet the demands of small restaurants and pizzerias.

It ensures ease of use and high performance.

These products can be easily transported by two people. Mainly, because the pieces are small and deconstructed.

The owner doesn’t even need to remove his doors or fencing upon installation.

Features of Modular Pizza Ovens

  • Constructed from insulating materials
  • Made from high-quality refractory materials
  • Installable in any style you desire
  • arrow-rightEasy to integrate with the other components of your outdoor
  • arrow-rightMore durable
  • arrow-rightFully customizable
  • arrow-rightIdeal if you have a small or unconventional space
  • arrow-rightMore affordable and flexible

Examples of Modular Pizza Oven

1. Casa2G Series

The Casa2G Series is known as the best mainstream model available in the market.

Expect this model to heat up quickly. It provides outstanding retention of heat for roasting and baking. 

2. Giardino Series

This product is best for those who want to bake hearth bread and authentic pizza in the Neapolitan style. This is ideal for those with limited space or budget.

3. Premio2G Series

The Premio2G Series models are designed for those who are looking for the ultimate baking experience in the comfort of their home.

The models from this line provide offer a professional quality of baking wherever you decide to install it.

4. Le Panyol Model 66

This is a residential wood-fired oven. It’s the perfect choice for cooking pizza and light wholesome meals.

It is ideal for installment in the backyard, deck, kitchen, or patio.

5. Tulikivi Collection (Red Stone Rough Face TU 2700)

This oven is ideal for pizzas when its temperature is at its peak. The aroma from the firewood gives a delicious final touch. Moreover, this unit is made of soapstone.

Prefab Pizza Oven

Unlike the modular variety, the prefab pizza model or preassembled pizza oven is delivered in such a way that it is ready to install in your outdoor space or kitchen.

There are various appearances or designs that you can choose from.

Moreover, it can be constructed from metal-clad over ceramic, refractory ceramic materials, and stainless steel.

This kind is the better choice when it comes to installation, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Furthermore, the prefab pizza model offers standalone functionality. Note that prefab pizza oven is easy to install in your preferred location.

However, you need to make sure that the dimensions will fit the allocated space.

You can install or place it either in your indoor or outdoor kitchen with the use of a forklift.

Features of Prefab Pizza Ovens

  • Made of refractory concrete and structural steel
  • Available in many sizes from around twenty-two inches in width and up to five feet
  • Easily mounted on a countertop
  • arrow-rightFully insulated
  • arrow-rightEasy to install
  • arrow-rightAvailable with or without a metal stand
  • arrow-rightInstallable on casters enabling it to be moved around your patio
  • arrow-rightComes with rain cap and chimney portion
  • arrow-rightLess time-consuming to install

Examples of Prefab Pizza Oven

1. Forno Bravo Primavera60

This can be set up without the use of a mechanical lift. It can bake pizzas for a short duration as it heats up very fast. This unit is generally easy to manage and great for beginners. 2. Toscana Oven

This is a mainstream-sized model that is not hard to install. Customization can be done to its exterior. Toscana products are fully assembled, fully finished, and fully insulated. There are also unfinished Toscana ovens if you prefer those.3. Chicago Brick Oven Hybrid Gas and Wood Fueled Pizza Oven

This oven comes pre-assembled, so you will spend less time installing it. This has excellent heat holding capacity. It will fit perfectly on your countertop.4. Bella Medio Portable Wood-Fueled Pizza Oven

This is constructed from stainless steel. It includes a cart, chimney, door, entry arch, dome, and landing. It comes with a free stainless peel, starter toolkit with gloves, and wooden pizza peel. This model has large pizza cooking capacity.5. Bull BBQ 30-Inch Outdoor Wood-Fueled Pizza OvenThis model is made of heavy gauge stainless steel for extended and outstanding durability. This pizza oven is also ideal for cooking desserts, bread, and other baked goods. It is easy to set up and portable. 


The modular variety is like prefab pizza oven when it comes to certain aspects.

It is impossible to determine which one is better since everyone has different preferences. However, both will deliver excellent results.

A pizza oven is a big investment, so it is your duty to find the perfect one to add to your kitchen or backyard.

Don’t forget to think about the location, space, and amount of customization you want to find the equipment that is right for your home or restaurant.

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