Thick pizza stone, selecting the right one

In today’s post we want to cover how to get the right thick pizza stone.

Yes, pizza is awesome, which if at some point a key reason for you reading this article.

However, we are talking about homemade fire baked pies. Now, this could be on a grill, in a real old school pizza oven, or even just in a regular oven.

The point is that making a pie by yourself the old school way always turns out to be much better than the alternative.

These baking tools can make all of the difference between a great result and one that makes you think you should have just bought a slice.

Finding a good one can be a little trickier than you might think.. Let’s get started and talk about some really good thick pizza stone options that you can consider getting for your kitchen.

Thick pizza stone

Some of The Best Thick Pizza Stone options

Having a durable and well-built thick pizza stone is important when it comes to making your own pie like the pros.

Moreover, working with a real wooden baking oven definitely provides for some really awesome pies, but the stone is going to make a big difference in terms of the end result.

Winner: Old Stone Oven Rectangular baking stone

This is a great option to go with, one that is made using only US Materials.

The Old Stone Oven Rectangular baking Stone measures 14.5 x 16.5 inches, making ideal for creating some pretty large pies. 

Hence, It makes for a great work surface to prepare your pie and an even better one to put it in the oven.

Furthermore, a big selling feature for this particular baking tool is that it comes with a specially engineered heat core center.

This helps to concentrate most of the heat in the middle of the baking tool so that your pie cooks evenly and has even crusts.

The Old Stone Oven Rectangular baking Stone is designed to handle extreme heat and quick temperature changes too.

In other words, this baking tool is thick, durable, and makes a great pie too.

Runner up: Broil King 69814 Grilling Stone

Yet another good option to go with, the Broil King Grilling Stone comes in at a full 0.75 inches thick.

Particularly, this stone is a circular one as opposed to a rectangular one. Which, is different seeing as pies are classically round.

It is roughly 15 inches in diameter. Therefore, you will definitely be able to make some good sized pies for the whole family or any table in your restaurant. 

Additionally, the reason why the thickness of the Broil King Grilling Stone is so important is because it provides for extra protection from the direct heat.

Although, it helps to add protection from the direct heat from a wood fire, it still helps to provide an even baking heat for the pizza.

Thus resulting in a great pie, time and time again.

Looking for the right pizza stone? Then take a look at one of these*

Alternative: Dough-Joe® 15" x 18" Pizza and Baking Stone 

What needs to be said right off the bat when it comes to this baking tool is that there are actually 5 individual ones.

Mainly, this is like a little set that comes with 5 thick stones, each of them being 6 x 9 inches. This means that you can create the base you want.

Furthermore, It’s great for making both small and large pies with ease. 

More importantly, having multiple stones is beneficial because smaller ones are less prone to breaking or cracking due to heat or impact.

Moreover, the Sough-Joe Pizza and Baking Stone Set is made of high density cordierite.

Consequently, they are very resistant to extremely high temperatures as well as quick temperature changes.

These thick baking tool options can contain and maintain a whole lot of heat for an evenly cooked pies while still providing a great barrier towards direct heat.

Making your choice

Just so you have a bit of an idea of what you need to look out for when choosing a baking tool, let’s go over some of the main considerations you should keep in mind.

Glazed Or Unglazed – One of the biggest considerations to keep in mind before making your purchase is whether you want a glazed or unglazed stone.

Basically, unglazed stones are great for absorbing moisture to create a crispy crust. However, they are a little more difficult to clean than unglazed ones.

Thickness – Another really important thing to keep in mind is how thick the stone in question is.

Yes, we are talking about thick pizza stones here, but there is still a thickness difference between them.

Mainly, the thicker the stone is, the longer the pie will take to cook.

On the other hand, thicker stones provide a better barrier towards direct heat, plus they distribute heat better as well. Thicker stones provide you with the best results.

Finally, you need to consider the length and width of the baking tool in question as well.

Simply put, you need to get one that is big or small enough to suit your needs, both in terms of the size of the pizza you want to make and the size of the oven you have.

You definitely do not want to end up with a baking tool that is too large for the oven or too small for an adequate pie to feed the family.

Final thoughts

Basically, there are plenty of good thick pizza stone options out there. Therefore, we would definitely recommend taking a closer look at any of the 3 above options as they are very highly rated.

Making a great pizza pie is no big deal when you have the right thick baking tool at your disposal. In the end, you cannot go wrong with any of these 3 thick baking tool options.

Nevertheless, if we had to pick one, definitely go for the Old Stone Oven Rectangular baking tool.

In fact, it is such a good stone that we wrote an entire blog post about it before . Hope this helps, in your decision to get a thick pizza stone.

Make sure to also check out our buying guide for more interesting options on stones!

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