Top Electric Smokers Options

Today we want to run a quick a post on two smokers at the request of some of you! Rather than do our usual reviews, we took the top electric smokers that you guys wanted reviewed!

Therefore, let’s get right into it. Of course, as always, we suggest you read our smokers 101 as well in order to make sure you are covering the right needs when searching for top electric smokers.

If you have decided to purchase your first electric smoker, or are looking to upgrade your current one, manufacturer research is important.

Moreover, you may have been surprised at just how many electric smokers are being sold.

And, how many different brands are out there. It can be really difficult to know which ones are the most reliable if you have never bought one before.


While both of these options are great! We definitely recommend going with the Jim Beam BTDS76JB Bradley Smoker.

This is hands down one of the top electric smokers available. It has a little bit of a higher price point than the masterbuilt, but the rewards far outweigh the costs.

The 4 racks to choose from, and the ability to digitally input instructions is invaluable. Nevertheless, make sure to check out our buying guide for other great options on electric smokers on the market.


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