Another Look at Top Rated Electric Smokers Reviews

Today we continue our series of reviews, and take a look at 2 more of the top rated electric smokers.

As always, the point of these posts is to help you navigate the immense world of top rated electric smokers available on the market.

Nevertheless, make sure(as we always say) to take a look at our smokers 101 section if you are unsure what type of smoker would be best fit for your needs.

Our top rated electric smokers from today’s post come from Smokin tex and Masterbuilt.

These 2 manufacturers are at the top of the class in the electric smoker industry. And, they definitely have the product to back it up. With that being said, let’s get right into it!


These are our two candidates for the top rated electric smokers you can find on the market today.

If the price point is not a big factor for you then obviously you can pick whichever you like best.

Although, in that case we would suggest to go for the Masterbuilt. With the added cooking space and the ability to control it through a remote, you will definitely fall in love.

Nevertheless, these are top rated electric smokers so you cannot go wrong either way.

We hope this helps, and please don’t forget to check out our reviews section for more in depth look at other smokers!


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